General Abdel Fattah Accuses Rivals of War Crimes in Sudan

Sudan’s Ongoing Conflict: General Accuses Rivals of War Crimes”

General Abdel Fattah al Burhan accused his rival, RSF, and Dagalo of perpetrating War crimes while falsely pledging to reinstate democracy.

Nearly four months into the lethal conflict in Sudan, the leader of the military delivered an uncommon televised address on Monday (14th August) as he made the accusations.

The clashes involving the nation’s most influential generals, who had once obstructed a brief shift towards democracy, have led to fierce confrontations. This violence has inflicted a devastating toll on both human lives and infrastructure.

The entire northeastern African country faces a looming civil war.

“How can one bring about democracy by engaging in war crimes? Such crimes have occurred in Khartoum, El Geneina, Kutum, Tawila, Sirba, Slileira, Munawashi, Kèss, and every inch traversed by the rebels since their ill-fated mutiny,” he articulated.

In a recently disclosed report earlier this month, Amnesty detailed extensive ‘unimaginable horror’ that had been documented.

The UK-based organisation accused both warring factions of committing widespread war crimes, which encompass deliberate targeting of civilians and large-scale sexual assault.

Sudan was thrust into turmoil on 15th April.


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