Gilbert Liswaniso suddenly can afford to build all over town and buy cars in just two years- Barbra Musamba



UPND staunch cadre Barbara Musamba Chama says UPND National Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso is suddenly stinking rich – building everywhere in Zambia and buying expensive vehicles every often.

Musamba wrote:

We fought PF, because we were against Owning properties that don’t match with your income. Liswaniso suddenly can afford to build all over town and buy cars that are more expensive than ideas his head has generated over 40 something years he has lived on this earth and you want us to keep quiet?

Liswaniso is an indicator of the Levels of corruption that have been polished to a digital extent.


    • They cant swing into action from stories. This woman is the atypical noise maker cause if she had the facts she wouldnt need to come here and tell us this. She would have gone to the same law enforcement agencies.

      Such people should begin to be sued for liable. Without an iota of fact and you bring generalised statements like this? Ma editor dont give people who want to use you political mileage with innuendo

    • ACC doesnt act on inuendo. This woman just wants to embarrass Liswaniso. If she has the facts. Go to DEC and ACC report.
      Nkani yamu mooba as usual seeking to get attention.
      Go and report if you have the facts cause what you seek is court action and the same people at DEC will ask what the courts will ask. FACTS. Where are these properties/cars? Who is the owner? Remember the Chalala property saga. And when the facts and poltical will aligned those two civil servants are no longer on the payroll. The Tanzanian has gone quiet…
      If anything the officers initially investigating the matter need to be asked why it took so long? The Tanzanian should investigated how he came to claim ownership of stolen property or property dubiously acquired


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