The late Genius Kadungure, better know as Ginimbi, had no child, his manager for seven years Shaleen Nullens has said.

For the seven years that I had known him, Genius never had a child.

In the past two months, he was actually working on upgrading certain things. He had a big fleet in South Africa, we are talking about 26 trucks which he sold; so he was not selling to say he was dying or that his business was going down but that they had depreciated and he wanted to buy new ones.

Genius was excellent when it comes to creating a structure. He knew how to delegate duties so you would find that in all the companies the structures were very strong. It is very unfortunate that the brain behind the ideas is gone now.

Even if all of us were educated more than he was there was something about him in the way he was structuring things.

Kadungure died on November 8 in a road accident along Borrowdale Road in Harare that also claimed the lives of three of his friends; Limumba Karim, Mitchelle “Moana” Amuli and Alicia Adams.


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