The late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s source of income has become one of the most controversial public debates on social media.

Some alleging he used ‘juju’ (blood money) and some claiming it was from political connections. Close friends of Ginimbi have rubbished all these claims, saying Ginimbi was nothing but a hard working entrepreneur who started off by selling muriwo (Covo and rape) in town.

In a statement published by Friends of Ginimbi, Ronald Muzambe said;

“Many may not know this, but at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey, Genius would order muriwo (covo and rape) from the villagers in Domboshava and sell it in town, which is a testament to the determination of the man.”

This comes after social media has been flooded with various conflicting information on Ginimbi’s wealth.

To the public, he was known for owning an LP gas company and his high end night club, Dreams.

Muzambe made it public knowledge that Ginimbi had other companies and assets outside Zimbabwe.

“His tangible assets and the companies that generated income for him are there for everyone to see. It is common knowledge that Genius was one of the earliest resellers of LPG gas in Zimbabwe, and he had successful companies in Botswana as well,” said Muzambe.

Muzambe went on to warn against tarnishing Ginimbi’s image and legacy with fake and unfounded accusations of ritual money.

“As we grieve, we ask that social media and platforms spreading falsehoods about Ginimbi’s wealth, seek first the truth before fabricating rituals and coffins and cults around his legacy.”

Ginimbi died in a car crash on Sunday morning from a high-end birthday party celebration for his friend Moana who was also a victim of the accident. Nehanda Radio


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