Girlfriend films couple’s divorce in court


Girlfriend films couple’s divorce in court

A brazen side chick of Lusaka who has pushed a couple to divorce visited the Matero Local Court with her Tecno phone to film the couple divorce so that she can show off to her friends that she had finally won.

This was in a matter in which Boyd Tembo was sued for divorce or reconciliation by his wife Veronica Mwila as reported by the Zambia Daily Mail.

However, as the couple were exchanging arguments on who was wrong or right in their marriage, the wife noted that the woman at the centre of their troubles was present in court, and with a smile like she had won Bola Bet, was filming the proceedings.

“Your honour, the same girlfriend, Jessy, where my husband sleeps is over there on the left bench filming us in court,” Veronica told the Magistrate.

For her misplaced shameless courage, the court summoned Jessy to the front and reprimanded her for mocking the woman whose marriage she had wrecked by filming her plead for her marriage before court.

Meanwhile, Veronica told the court that Girlfriend Jessy was so brazen that she would summon her husband from their matrimonial bed and demand that he goes to make love to her as and when she wanted and the husband would obey.

The husband, Tembo, for his part tried to justify his wife’s humiliation saying he was trying to protect his wife hence obeying the girlfriend as she had vowed to place a curse that would result in sudden death on his wife if he dared become faithful to her.

Asked to make his decision between the two women, Tembo told the court that he was choosing Jessy and not the wife.

Noting that matters were beyond correction, Magistrate Harriet Mulenga divorce the couple and ordered Tembo to pay his wife K20,000.

At the announcement of the divorce, Girlfriend Jessy jumped in joy and went outside the court yard to wait for her now single lover.



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