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President Lungu Should Have State Security

As with many things President Lungu does, it’s very difficult why he linked his return to active politics to his benefits. He did not need to say anything about loaves or crumbs.

As things stand, he himself essentially announced that, with his return to active politics, he expected that his benefits would be withdrawn. Benefits which in no time he wants reinstated.

Now to be honest, I don’t think President Lungu really needs the money that comes with the benefits. To him, the amount has to be indeed crumbs.

What I think would be difficult to live without, as a former head of state, and what as a country we should probably think deeply about, is that a former President would, for any reason, have no state security and administrative support.

My view is we should delink after-office privileges such as money, flights etc, from critical support like state security, a vehicle and a functioning office.

The law should, in that regard, be blind to what the holder of the office is doing or not doing. So, yes, President Lungu does says things that boggle the mind, but he IS former President. He must have state security.

It just can’t be that an individual who held the highest office in the land is left to arrange his own security. That places not only him at risk, but the whole country.


  1. He can never give his friend security.

    He is a very bitter man hell bent on revenge. He is only getting started applying the squeeze.

    I think those few months he spent in jail have really affected him. The only good thing is that he came out supporting LGBT rights, ensuring human rights and protection for all citizens.

    • Indigo Tryol you are mentally sick you PF criminal. Your PF Kelenka President himself told the entire world that he doesn’t care about government crumbs he was receiving. Today you are supporting a PF fool with alot of inconsistencies like you PF Kembo iwe. You misled the fool and now you are crying for restoration of the same crumbs ba PF idiots imwe. Ukazinvera nsoni Kembo we.

  2. The law is blind to the face or status of a person. In legal terms we say, Law is impartial. Ba Laura when ECL is given state security you are advocating lawlessness. You cannot break or bend a piece of legislation to accommodate ECL’s desire for state security while denying him other benefits. The law is comprehensive on this core, it’s either give all or taking all. No piece meal, ECL chose to let go of the benefits, that law was not created by HH he found it. It’s malice on the part of anybody who would wish to ascribe blame on HH.
    If ECL resigns he is entitled, no question but if he is political the law cant bend.

  3. Madam Miti, it appears sometimes you smoke something stronger than coke! The laws and the constitution are not made with someone in mind. He Lungu before he became President and as a Lawyer knew very clearly what the position on the benefits was. In fact after losing power the first thing he did was to secure his benefits promptly and in secrecy. You can’t keep on changing rules and the constitution to suit individuals because you like them. Lungu is an adult and if he can’t make proper personal decisions after serving as a president, think of the many wrong decisions he took as president on our behalf. If the decisions he made in the recent past don’t convince you that he is a deluded individual who should not have gone anywhere near power, then you’re probably in the same boat with him.Lungu does not need security or the benefits. He has had it too easy. What he needs is mental treatment. You can tell from his Schizophrenic behaviour that there are some loose nuts. We need the country to move on. In fact he should pay back the money he was getting after he left office because he was still active in politics that’s why PF is in such shambles. His schizophrenic mind had already calculated that he will get sympathisers like you. You don’t reward law breakers, you punish them.

  4. ELC turns to begging and all his mushanina bwalis are disappearing one by one. The big pots of nshima and meat which were a permanent feature are at chainama mental annex

    • A classical example of seeing the wood for the trees!
      Laura is talking about State secrets. Any Zambian Commander-in- Chief of the armed forces, current or previous, harbours State secrets. This is why the person of the President accrues State security. Clear?

  5. Laura is just putting Umodzi ku’ Mmawa. She knows what she is saying is downright chicken shit crap. But it’s about wanting to look relevant to ‘her people’.


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