Give Mutale Some Privacy During Her Illness, Mutale Mwanza’s Management Asks



Press Statement for Immediate Release

4th Feb, 2024

Miss Mwanza’s health has been affected by severe sores that have penetrated the inside of
her left eye, leading to discomfort, pain, swelling, and temporary loss of eyesight.

Doctors have advised her to avoid using her cellphone, laptop, television or anything that
may cause too much light into her eyes. Prior to this, Miss Mwanza usually suffered from
migraines due to her workaholic nature.

As management, we understand that Miss Mwanza is a public figure who is loved and
celebrated, but recent reports have caused panic and concern from her friends, supporters
and family members.

Doctors will continue to monitor her health. We therefore ask for privacy during this time.
Please remember her in your prayers.

Thank you.

Issued by Kelcy D.M Holcomb
Mutale Mwanza Management.


  1. Firstly, I wish her well. However, u so called celebs in Zambia, don’t eat the cake and have it. You went to social media about her illness and when people comment u complain.
    The public will ALWAYS have haters & funs. If u need privacy it’s ur responsibility to keep it private not the public.


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