Given Lubinda, Raphael Nakachinda And Emmanuel Mwamba Arrested


ubinda, Nakacinda , Mwamba detained at different police stations

Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon. Raphael Nakacinda has been detained at the Emmasdale police station on unknown charges .

This morning, Hon. Nakacinda with PF Veep Honourable Lubinda and Information Chairperson Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba had reported to force head quarters where they had been summoned . Later they where taken to Ibex Police .

The trio where then whisked away to different police stations. Nakacinda to Emmasdale Police , Mwamba to Chilenje police and Lubinda to Westwood Police
Charges are yet to be given


  1. Good job ba ZP, there is limited space in this country to share with criminals and trouble makers. Please don’t forget ka espionage and Court appearance in 2034.

    Trouble makers and criminals must be caged until the Court tells us that they are guilt in 2039, then the President then can pardon the idiots.

    • Yaba.

      People will never feel sorry for you people again after 2026, or whenever your ka small god leaves office.

      Namucilamo sana.

  2. Lock them up, throw away the keys, lock them throw away the keys, lock them up, throw away the keys.
    Get lungu next, get lung next, get lungu next

  3. Yaba.

    These are some of the reasons we voted PF out. But now in his twisted wisdom, Hakainde is doing the exact same things. He has failed to convict a single person for corruption, which was one of the reasons he got elected. Now he has resorted to village tactics of harassing his opponents.

    People will never feel sorry for you people again after 2026, or whenever your ka small god leaves office. Total nonsense what Hakainde is doing.

    Namucilamo sana.

  4. Getting locked up for the PF is seen as the ultimate test of loyalty to the party and raises your profile considerably. Prospects of future presidency of the party brighten too.

  5. DUBBLE HH has gone mad with power. The ones who rule by sword ate removed by sword.
    I can see Dubble HH is setting a precedent to be locked up immediately after 2026 elections. Vengeance breeds more vengeance. If you cannot manage Bally just resign and uandove power to your deputy.


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