Given Lubinda Sold Yo Maps:

By Laura Miti

Mr Given Lubinda incredibly claimed, publicly, that Yo Maps told him that he is missing PF and wants it back.

Now, Mr Lubinda knows how petty and vengeful PF was, when in power. What it would do to the business interests of anyone believed (rightly or wrongly) to just breathe the same pocket of air with an opposition party.

So, why suggest, now that he is in opposition, that a private citizen is his party’s sympathiser? Here in Zambia, with our politics, which Mr Lubinda well understands!

Even if it were to be true, that such a conversation took place, Mr Lubinda owes Yo Maps the duty of care. Why must the country know what was said in private?

Yes, Sir, we know you want to come back to power, but try and think through your public statements. It’s one thing when politicians harm themselves by bwataling. Private citizens must never be dragged into the fray, unless they themselves choose to announce their political leanings.



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