Go and Raise Chiluba from the Dead if you want Privatization Answers, Simataa Advises Ntewewe, Mwanza and PF CSO’s

By CIC Reporter | 1 Oct 2021 | Lusaka

UPND Kabwata Constituency Information and Publicity Secretary Mainda Simataa has taken a swipe at YALI president Ntewewe and his governance advisor Isaac Mwanza, for being shameless political mercenaries carrying out PF’s evil scheme to block President Hakainde Hichilema from participating in the general elections slated for next year on 12 August 2021.

“What you saw today at State House was the height of President Lungu’s desperation to stay in power by hook or crook. It was a stage-managed and state-sponsored event trying to build public interest in a long-dead issue (privatization) that majority of Zambians are not interested in”, said Simataa in reference to the delivery of a petition by a group of civil society organizations and student body’s led by Ntewewe.

Simataa maintained that such cheap propaganda stunts had no legs to stand on, and were meant to distract the opposition and Zambians from focusing on critical issues such as the biased issuance of NRC’s and ECZ deletion of the voters register, among other criminal acts in the build-up to 2021.

“Ntewewe knows where president Chiluba’s grave is, he knows were Edith Nawakwi lives, he should have delivered his petition to Chiluba’s grave or Nawakwi’s house rather than waste time and tax payers money on a useless wild goose chase which only him and Mwanza (Isaac) are profiting from at the expense of the innocent school boys and girls accompanying them” charged Simataa.

Simataa also reminded Ntewewe and Mwanza to find better ways of fundraising money to repay the donor funds they stole from the American government via the YALI leadership program during Obama’s time which resulted in the banning of the two conmen from ever getting international funding or entering the United States.


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