Go tell your story to JCC,Changala advises DPP

Lillian Fulata Shawa Siyuni
Lillian Fulata Shawa Siyuni

Go tell your story to JCC,Changala advises DPP

By Kombe Chimpinde Mataka

GOOD governance activist Brebner Changala has advised Director of Public Prosecutions Lillian Shawa Siyunyi to go and tell her story to the Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC).

He has also asked the UPND government to reinstate security at Siyunyi’s residence saying she was still entitled to it for as long as she remains DPP.

During the Hot FM breakfast show yesterday, Changala said it was clear that President Hakainde Hichilema would not clear Siyunyi to speak through waiver of the oath of secrecy.

“What is happening is very sad in the sense that the new dawn administration came to power on the backbone of rule of law. The current DPP, Madam Siyunyi whatever challenges she faces the fact remains the same. She is still the Director of Public Prosecutions and she must enjoy all the privileges that accrue to that office,” he said.

“By removing security from her it is against the very rule of law and Constitution. It can only be done when the entire process [of the JCC] is exhausted.”

Changala said the DPP was seemingly under siege for many reasons, some of them which were brought about the new dawn administration in order to ameliorate certain challenges they faced at Konkola Copper Mines.

“When the UPND won elections, there was a desire to have a new office bearer in the DPP chambers and Madam Siyunyi was approached that she vacates the office and assumes some role in the Court of Appeal as a judge so that the vacancy is created and they were many operatives that were operating as a goal between to negotiate this departure and creation of a vacancy. There was no case she had committed at that time but there was this desire that she must leave and go elsewhere,” he said. “Now here comes the chairman of the JCC [Vincent Malambo], whom I am told that right now has recused himself in presiding over Madam Siyunyi’s matter because at some point he must have been one of the goal between but when many things went wrong and the Milingo saga came in, Madam Siyunyi was abandoned.”
Changala said President Hichilema went public and said she was on her own.

“When did she go alone? When all along, they wanted her out. They wanted her to do certain things. The Attorney General’s chambers, the Solicitor General’s chambers…” he said.

Changala advised Siyunyi to appear before the JCC and say what she knows even without oath waiver.
“I would rather Madam Siyunyi go and tell her story to JCC whether the oath of secrecy has been instated because they won’t clear her. I don’t think so,” urged Changala.


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