GO WELL CK~Nixon Chisenga

It’s a dream come true for PF die hards,and those that could not stand CKs vernom whilst standing in opposite directions.

While the shallow minds celebrate the return of CK to PF,it remains a compromise to democracy whose foundation is anchored on multipartism.

To many patriotic Zambians,it is not a surprise to see CK back into the old fold as this was expected way back.Those with good memories are acquainted with the fact that this is the only game President Lungu knows how to play very well…clippling of happened to Miles Sampa,GBM ,we see it’s repeat on CK.

CK now lies in the PF balance,like a toddler,now he can’t make a decision of his own….his conscious would continue to beat him until the day PF will lose power.Court cases are on his neck,39 counts in waiting……choked by PF .

You see , President Lungu is not a fan of ambitious men and women,the moment he discovers that you have intentions of challenging him,you immediately become a threat and an enemy .All those under PF persecution are those who at one point between 2015 and 2021 showed some interest in constesting for a presidential slot on PF ticket .

Now that CK has been politically eliminated,who is next?is Harry Kalaba safe?what is the achievement in all these malignations ?is this all one could learn from Mugabe and Museveni? Wasn’t there any other lessons on economic development and strategy ? Or it was all about how to stay in power till death…..

CKs cases trending in the courts will certainly land him in jail soon….those politically charged cases will make him a prisoner soon,and so it is up to CK to mind how he approaches this knowing too well that Zambians are watching every detail of his manoeuver and sooner or later,his political career will be judged on that…

“If you squeeze someone against the wall, the only way out is through you”

This saying sits well with CK knowing well how he got back to the same people who undressed his wife in public…

Now CK needs to hold himself together careful.he needs to choose how he fights this battle after joining” umwine wachisushi”…

Go well CK , democracy has lost!


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