Goalkeeper Hazel Nali Might Undergo Surgery Next Week

Goalkeeper Hazel Nali
Goalkeeper Hazel Nali


Following the continued exploration of possibilities to seek an immediate solution for the injured Zambia Women National Team goalkeeper Hazel Nali, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) in collaboration with the Association of Zambians living in Australia/New Zealand have identified a surgeon who would be able to conduct surgery earlier than the proposed India option.

FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga says the president of the Association of Zambians in Australia/New Zealand Dr Munanga Mwandila has provided an option that could be faster and convenient.

“We are pleased to announce that following consultation with various stakeholders especially in the medical field we have had Dr Munanga Mwandila who is a Zambian based in New Zealand having provided us with an alternative within New Zealand for the player to undergo further assessment and possibly surgery,” says Kamanga.
“Nali will be seen by New Zealand top knee surgeon professor Bruce Twaddle for an appointment on July 22 with possibly surgery conducted on July 26. Whatever we have done has been run based on medical advice and we are confident that the option provided by our Zambians in New Zealand will serve all parties better.”
He says the solution has been found in liaison with the team medics that have been an integral part of the team so far.

Kamanga has urged Zambians to rally behind the team as it prepares for its opening match on Saturday against Japan at the Waikato Stadium in Hamilton.
“We are so far happy with the level of support given to the team across the board. Zambians in their true spirit are rallying behind the team and spreading positive energy,” he says.
Kamanga has thanked President Hakainde Hichilema for addressing the team and recommitting government support to their assignment.

“A big thank you to the Head of State for having addressed the team and implored them to work hard. President Hichilema did commit government to clearing out outstanding obligations to the team. We are grateful to the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts for having fully come on board to support the Copper Queens on their international assignments,” he says.

“President Hichilema played a huge part in actualizing the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Sports and FAZ that has incorporated remuneration for the Copper Queens for international assignments.”

Credit: FAZ


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