God will fight and defeat the UPND script to break and silence all divergent voices- Edgar Lungu


Good Afternoon Fellow Citizens, Men, Women, and the Youth,

The current political happenings in Zambia are confirming that we are completely abandoning the rule of law, respect for human rights, and constitutional democracy. On 25th May, 2024, we all woke up to a sad development—the abduction and disappearance of Hon. JJ Banda, Petauke Central MP. When we tried to seek answers and solace from Zambia Police, the state decided to discharge riot police to throw tear-gas canisters on all of us at Ibex Hill station. This was a mark of state brutality on peaceful citizens!

As different stakeholders responded in anger and anguish to the abduction and disappearance of Hon. Jay Jay Emmanuel Banda, Zambia Police speedily arrested and detained human rights activist Mr. Brebner Changala, FDD President Hon. Edith Nawakwi (in a sick condition), Lumezi MP Hon. Munir Zulu, and Mfuwe MP Hon. Maureen Mabonga, charging them with politically motivated cases of “hate speech” or “seditious practices against the State.” These arrests were orchestrated within two days.

This morning, Chief Inspector Chembe summoned CDP President Apostle Dan Pule, who hosted the UKA Prayers Service two weeks ago, to report at Police Headquarters at 11:00 hrs to respond to investigation questions and had consequently been arrested at Woodland Police Station. Our former PF SG, Hon. Davies Mwila, is currently appearing before Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers for unknown investigations and may or may not be detained.

Tomorrow, on 30th May, 2024, my entire family has been given scheduled appointments to appear before DEC for investigations and interviews in a manner that looks politically designed as follows:

– By 09:30 to 10:30 – Charles Phiri
– By 10:30 to 11:30 – Chiyeso Lungu
– By 11:30 to 12:30 – Tasila Lungu
– By 12:30 to 14:00 – Esther Lungu, former First Lady

In other words, their plan is to keep me and my entire family the whole day at DEC with the same scheme of breaking and silencing me.

From plunging us into a hungry nation after selling our hard-earned food reserves and failing to “fix the economy” as passionately promised in 2021, this UPND failed regime is now after me, my family, and every citizen who is providing democratic checks and balances by throwing law enforcement agencies (LEAs) on us. Besides targeting to break and silence me, our opposition leaders, civil society advocates, church leaders, and scholars who are speaking for the people, this oppressive government of HH is not humanly shy to raise the flag of political persecution and police brutality.

As former President, I want to reaffirm and emphasize that there is no dead or living Zambian who will change the plan of God for this country. President Hakainde Hichilema must know that “Zambia is holy land for Jesus Christ, a Christian nation, our multicultural state and a constitutional democracy for equal citizens.” This I know and remain fully persuaded that “God will fight and defeat the UPND script to break and silence all divergent voices.”

I am a believer in true democracy and a defender of “One Zambia, One Nation.” As PF party leader and former President, I will continue preaching peace, love, unity, and freedom amidst this oppressive political environment. In a constitutional and democratic fashion, I know that freedom is coming for everyone once again. And an inclusive Zambia for all shall emerge again sooner or later!

May God bless Zambia.
Stay peaceful and safe!

H.E Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu
Sixth President of Zambia
Patriotic Front Party President


  1. But kwena, why speak on behalf of those who’ve been summoned by the police? Is to call for public sympathy or what. Those su.moned are adults who should come out to speak for themselves. If they are innocent they will prove themselves. Nobody should be above the law.

  2. No need to cry Wolf!
    These are just interviews to find out how Mwalesheta Mwibala … kikikiki
    You are even making a big mistake using the name of God to hide your wickedness!
    If I was ECL, I would have behaved myself by sticking to my retirement! This thing of “aka last” kalaletelela!
    By breaking the Olive branch that was graciously extended to you, you have heaped Coals of fire on your head!
    This Kubwatabwata you are doing is out of a guilty conscience! If you know you are innocent, why should you get worried when called upon to account?
    And this is where you can see how Smart President Dr HH is!
    He did not want to start fixing you before achieving the debt restructuring as that would have overshadowed the negotiations!
    Now that the process is done, start preparing to dance Pelete kikikiki!

  3. Don’t bring God into your criminality as if he is the one who sent you.

    Consider this an opportunity to clear your name.

  4. Clearly HH is being politically insensitive. Amidst this economical crisis you expect lot’s of criticism and insults of the any sort. It’s crying child. The least the government and HH would do is to allow the citizens cry of course whilst working very hard to improve the economy. The government is supposed to exercise highest level of tolerance and at best strike a balance in discipline dispensation to those in his own political party or government.
    During HIPC time Sata and PF were the loudest, being intelligent of Mwanawasa he allowed the freedom of speech to thrive. He understood, you don’t stop a grieving child from expressing their anger. That’s wisdom. The more you want to suppress them the more they believe you want to fight them or you care less. And that’s not right for a child.

    • You want the goverment to excerise tolerance to what extent?

      The Public doesnt benefit from the suggested aranchy that the Opposition politicans and Church want inorder to upsurp the current regime or as a solution to the current economic malise.

      In their quest to upsurp the current regime, where will they stop? Will the same violence they sought during the PF era be their means? Who will be the victims?

      Look at Sudan today. Was it not all in a quest to free Omar Al-Bashir? Who died in the blood bath thereafter? Who is getting raped by the solidiers instigated to wage war?

      Lungu wants to give the impression that he will solve the economic problems Zambia has. When asked, what has his response been? Ask any opposition leader that seeks political public office what they will do to improve the economic problems that face the country now? They wont give you an answer.

      Stone throwing politics of yester year wont feed or grow the country. That era belonged Sata and before. Empty rethorics wont fill the treasury. We need leaders that think, and not the thinking of our lawyers who say they are constitutional lawyers yet, fail at their own trade when it comes to applying the law before the Court where they specialise.

      Your rights begin and end where my rights begin and end. Lets not suggest rights are absolute.

      And the law defines those limits. Hate speech causes wars and blood baths where it is miscontrued as freedom of expression.

      Like Al-Bashir and Zuma, Lungu seeks to deflect his criminality by causing or suggesting the Opposition will cause aranchy. The law is the law. Its a guard rail to protect the abuse of freedoms and rights.

  5. The trouble with this misfit is as a lawyer he used to steal money from his clients. When he became president I don’t know what Zambians were thinking of, Zambia became heal on earth. He thinks Zambians can’t see what he calls his imingalato. Let him answer for his mingalato. You can’t replace the rule of law with thuggery & imingalato. You’re busy sacrificing the weak people and you think you’re clever

  6. But you never used to make such statements when you were president and your cadres were unleashing violence on the people who were asking for the same things you are asking for today.

  7. If ECL does not see his and his followers wrongs then he is never was fit to rule. He talks of selling the maize. Did he pay the farmers? Is HH a God to control the rains? What him and his group were planning would have brought uprisings in the country. Him his family and grouping if War breaks out they have money to flee the country. Do we the people have that? I have not heard a word condemning that horrid tribal trash that was being broadcast. Do ECL I wish you could have some dignity in you to behave as a statesman. Shame on you sir.

  8. Ifilanda po umuntu uwa Mano. Maturely, respectfully and openly. Some Zambians decided to try somebody else, but we asked them, how they were sure he’s better than all the others, has he ever ruled a country somewhere else! May be on another planet! Yesiiii, he will change things in Zambia. What we didn’t know was that they meant changing from bad to worst, even by passing worse! Yabaaaaa! The rest is history!

  9. What a long write up Mr former president of the republic of Zambia,You were supposed to speak about defending democracy during your time of rule,You should be the last person to talk about democracy,All need to listen from you sir is repentance,you’re the one who caused serious tribal division that your supporters have continued to promote,you better stay quiet

  10. I wonder which god does this insane drunkard thieving former president Lungu, calling on to fight his misdeeds?
    All those summoned will give differing incrementing answers

  11. It’s very important to be objective and realistic!
    This is SAP and HIPC combined! The only difference is that we don’t have wage freeze or recruitment freeze. You young people even have CDF which we never had. Any fool who is innovative should be able to thrive in this Economy!
    This is the third time Zambians have to go through Economic hardships after Structural Adjustment Program of Chiluba and the Highly Indebted poor country (HIPC) completion point.
    All these tough phases our people have had to go through is due to unsustainable and reckless borrowing!
    Trust me, PF had no international credibility to achieve any Debt Restructuring! Remember that this process started during ECL’S time in power and failed lamentably due to lack of Credibility and Fiscal Discipline! This was after ECL told IMF and WB to go to hell! The following week he sent poor Bwalya Ng’andu who came back empty handed because of his Snake boss’s careless talk!
    Had PF won, the Kwacha would have started the Zim dollar march South! Fuel shortages would have been the order of the day. Mining companies were on the verge of shutting down.
    Bad as this Economy is now, it could have been much worse.
    PF found the Kwacha US rate at K4 and left it at K24.
    Fuel was K5 and they left it at K17/l.
    UPND found the Kwacha US rate at K24 and is still in the twenties 2 years, 8 months down the line.
    If PF was in power, the Dollar would be trading at K1,000 by now!
    Some of us were in Zimbabwe the time the Zim dollar went mad!
    This is where the Kwacha was headed under Mr Snake!
    The young people today must be told about how we survived SAP and HIPC days! Agriculture is what saved us, producing our own food at household level!
    It is a big mistake to think it is the job of Boma to feed us!
    I wish ZNBC, Prime TV be visiting our farms to cover some of the things we do that make us immune from economic turbulence!
    We make our own Mealie Meal, Cooking oil, Honey, Peanut butter, Milk, Cheese, produce our own protein (Eggs, Fish,Beef).
    Mwana alilenji?
    If we can do it, you can do it too! We were all created farmers whether we realize it or not!

    • Well spoken.
      The challenge most Zambians have is not being able to perceive what this country would have been had we continued with PF.
      These are people who were not paying OMC’s and farmers, just to keep the price of commodities low.
      They were turning debt on fertilizer into bonds.
      The situation now would have been far worse had PF managed to rig as they had planned. Only for them to cry foul against the police because they never acted according to instructions.
      One challenge UPND has is the weak media. These are things they should bring to the fore.

  12. This crop of Zambians,as can be seen in Epic Writer,cannot think outside the box. Zambia is listing heavily like the Titanic as the band continues to play on!!!

    • Why don’t you people have a go at governing? After all you applied for the job!!!
      This finger pointing routine is awfully boring,crass and out of this world !!!!!

  13. With due respect to you Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu for a long time you have used the name of God Almighty in vain and to deceive people. Your regime was the worst as you promoted disunity, criminality and hooliganism. You committed a lot of atrocities and brutality by curtailing democracy and the rule of law. You also encouraged corruption and thieving and accumulated a lot of wealth through dubious means.

    Sir you were a mere common man from Chawama compound and at one time you swindled money from your client. You become president of the PF and eventually republican president through manipulation. While in Kabwe during intra Party elections to choose the success to late president Michael Chilufya Sata you and your associates woke up a Judge in the night to file in an injunction. Where on earth did we see this kind of Judicial responsibility of Judges administering justice in the night? You are not above the law if your children, your wife and any member of your family is found with properties and wealth beyond their earnings and means and then the law enforcement agencies investigates them., sir that is not victimisation. I am also reminding you sir that there is no breakdown of the rule of law and democracy in Zambia. Instead, the rule of law and democracy has been restored and thriving. Please stop making unsubstantiated statements and using the compromised Clergy and Churches to champion your hypocrisy. The best thing you can do at the moment is to repent for the sins and atrocities you committed during your reign.

  14. It is vital to have IQ levels tested. This scenario is uncalled for in a democratic country that proclaim s to be a Christian nation. Got to watch Hotel Rwanda cos at the moment some so called former politicians got room temperature IQ levels.


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