By Darius Choonya

An Egyptian National Michael Adel Michel Botros has disclosed that the gold scam case at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport was supported by high ranking government officials.

In his Court documents filed before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court, Mr. Botros says the process was a well-orchestrated fraudulent scam which involved several public servants including airport personnel who facilitated the scammers and aided them to have access to restricted areas to fraudulently misrepresent him that the transaction was legitimate under legal authority of the relevant government departments.

He says the level of deception and influence of the scammers can be demonstrated by the arrest of several Zambian Nationals which included President Hakainde Hichilema’s security detail Francis Mateyo.

Further, the applicant has alleged that some of the money that he had on the aircraft was extorted from him by members of the joint team of investigators who threatened his life and threatened not to clear the aircraft to leave.

In this matter, Mr. Botros is challenging the decision of the state to have his over 5.6 million dollars which he wanted to use in the gold transaction deal, fire arms among other properties for allegedly being proceeds of crime.- Diamond TV


  1. We have known this all along. Why would thieves park in the presidential slot at KKIA if they did not have clearance from the very top? Why are they conducting court sessions in secret?

    Only praise singers believe the lies that only zinc pellets were collected.

  2. The fact that it was foiled is reason for optimism. There must be a patriot or patriots who refused to allow the band to play on. Who is that patriot? I think the country needs to know him/her/them.

  3. In all fairness, is there nothing good the current President has done or achieved that is worth crediting him, (not even one) or everything is just trash? All our past Presidents had some notable Achievements: KK- Free Education and Matero and Mulungushi Economic Reforms; FTJ-Democray and Economic Liberalisation; Levy- Law and Economic Order and HIPIC; RB- Continuation of Levi’s Gains; MCS- Infrastructure; ECL- Infrastructure.

  4. The Opposition have something to keep their tongues wagging and they will be within their rights. If no proper justice is done, it will be curtains for the UPND in 2026.

    • It could be the reason he fired Gen Colin Barry but I doubt it. The plane involved was not a military one. It was cleared by officials in the Department of Civil Aviation without having to involve the Zambia Air Force which has the mandate to police the country’s air space. Where I am a bit concerned is the reported parking of the plane in a restricted part of the airport. I would like to believe that would require military clearance.

  5. Very Interesting revelations. It’s getting too close for comfort for someone. No wonder they came up with the espionage case , and in camera , a goose chase for non existent spies , when the issue is about gold.
    Well , the case is now unraveling, and the direction to the master minds is clearly being seen.
    Subpoena all the criminals, the masquerades and expose them.
    I see a parallel with Edith Nawakwi – Hatembo’s case for which she has been charged with abduction. Let this case begin so that we know what happened.
    The holy mask is melting each passing day.

    • The fact that it was foiled gives me comfort. Much looting has been going on in Zambia and to stop it, loyal security services needed to be smart. I would like to believe that when they received intelligence about this gold scandal, they pretended to play along so that they could catch them with good evidence. How else do you think it was stopped? I’m saying this because I know what happens if a government fails or succeeds in office. If it fails it’s public pain for all of us. If it succeeds, the output is a public good, that is, it benefits everyone. I hope justice is going to be done. That’s why my condemnation of HH’s government remains postponed.

  6. Interesting development. Hope the named officials are fired and arrested. However, in the article they are not named, suggesting another article poorly written. This is Court Reporting, and it needs to be consistent with what is transcribed (if our court transcribers are even there). Generalisation in court is speculative. A names Senior government official, is being too general. Who is this person that this Egyptian suggests?

  7. These are afterthought mantras, we have dealt with desperate criminals and sophisticated ones for that matter, they eventually lost their way along the rehearsed way to lies and deception. STUPID IDIOTS.


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