ALL People’s Congress Party President, Nasson Msoni, has raised concern over how government is handling the issue of confiscated minerals and the over 5 million US Dollars cash found in a private aircraft at Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Monday.

On Tuesday, Mines and Minerals Development Minister, Paul Kabuswe told the nation through a Media briefing that the 602 pieces of what was initially suspected to be Gold is actually a mixture of Copper, Zinc and other trace minerals as established by experts from his ministry.

But Msoni feels the twists in what he describes as the Sausage-Gate Scandal, is starting to show manoeuvres and manipulations by government to deceive the masses.

He has accused government of suddenly becoming so aggressive and adopting a defensive posture on the said mineral.

Msoni says going by what is unveiling, one would not be blamed for predicting that government will advance that the dollars confiscated are also fake.

He questions how the said mineral weighing 127.2 kilograms is being classified as Copper when the latter is never transported in small bags as the quantity required is sold in tonnes.

Msoni has also accused the Minister of Mines of angrily lashing out at Opposition Political leaders as though in a quarrel for merely raising questions, describing the behavior as suspicious.

He further questions if those involved in the scandal will be let free of wrong doing assuming the said mineral is Copper as the Minister has reported.

Msoni fears that with the events happening, it will not be surprising to hear that the aircraft involved has been cleared and has since left the country.

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