Good Leaders Should Be Able To Feel The Stress Of Their Fellow Citizens, Says Dr M’membe



….as he slams UPND for demolishing MUNYAULE MARKET in the manner they did

LUSAKA… Wednesday, March 6, 2024 ( Smart Eagles)

Leader of the opposition Socialist Party (SP) Dr Fred M’membe has slammed the UPND government for demolishing Munyaule market in the manner they did.

Addressing the media at the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court premises this morning, Dr M’membe said good leaders should be able to feel the stress of their fellow citizens.

Earlier on, the SP president appeared before Magistrate Kawana Mwanfuli in a matter he is charged with Espionage contrary to Section 3 of the State Securities Act, Chapter 111 of the Laws of Zambia.

The matter has however been adjourned to 26th March, 2024, for mention as the State was not ready to proceed.

Meanwhile, Dr M’membe said leaders cannot deprive citizens of the source of livelihood without a replacement or an alternative given to them.

“There is no alternative given to them, those marketeers lost money. They had assets there, they had investments there, they had capital there, it was destroyed, they don’t have another source of income, and they are over 1,000 of them under these very harsh conditions as you have stated yourself,” he said.

“It is heartless. These are people who don’t care about other people, they just care about themselves. If they did care they wouldn’t have approached the issue in that way.”

And Dr M’membe said there are many ways to deal with issues.

“If you want to relocate people, first relocate them and then come and demolish. Relocate people, give them an alternative source of income, then destroy the old structures, that would be understandable,” he said.

“But to wake up and your whole life comes to a standstill, tefyo bateke chalo, tefyo basunga abantu. Justice with compassion is barbarism and what we saw there is insensitivity of the highest order. You cannot be so insensitive to the plight of the poor.”

The SP president said leaders ought to consider the effects of their actions and decisions on the vulnerable citizens wallowing in abject poverty.

“Always, we should ask ourselves how the decisions and the actions that we are undertaking going to affect the poor, the most vulnerable, the weakest of our society? Marketeers are not rich people, marketeers are not people with so many alternatives, it is not one of the most enjoyable preoccupations, it is something that a person does simply because they don’t have anything else to do,” he said.

“To leave them in such a vulnerable position is barbarism. You ought to do it for them with them. And if it was done with them for them, they wouldn’t have done it the way they have done.”


  1. When you are an idiot and stupid, you always fool yourself as a good leader when all you are is a dog and a stinking fool and a STUPID IDIOT.

    • Your small god is the one that is all the things you are calling Fred. He has failed the nation with his conman behaviour.

  2. When you never contributed NAPSA for your former post newspaper workers, you never felt their stress, what stress are you talking about now? Your workers are still crying and they missed the partial withdraw, go and give them something if you are feeling their stress instead of making noise all the time otherwise you already demonstrated that you are a bad leader.

  3. The man is simply a fool and a hypocrite. This is the same man that insulted his late Father in law, and then married the daughter?
    No sense of shame what so ever…..

  4. Mmembe a useless and hypocrite political leader with no vision. All that he knows is just about condemning. Nangu umuntu anyela pa entrance ya ShopRite, and police arrest this person, Mmembe would still condemn the police for that because he’s by nature always there to do so.
    By the way, where on earth can you provide an illegal settler the alternative place to go before eviction?


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