Good Signs but no deal has been announced yet – Hamas official


Qatar and Washington both like the idea of a peace deal.

The Hamas leader, who lives in Qatar, said this after meeting with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Doha.

The ICRC assisted in bringing the four hostages to safety after they were released last month.

A Hamas leader told Al Jazeera that they are talking about an agreement that would free Israeli women and children held by Palestinians, and Palestinian women and children held by Israel.

More help would also be permitted to enter Gaza.

It is expected that the fighting will stop for a little while so that hostages can leave and get help.

Israel has not answered yet.

But let’s be clear, no agreement has been made and previous efforts have not been successful even though there was reportedly some progress.

Israeli diplomats said this weekend that they want a lot of hostages to be let go.

Some families of the kidnapped people were mad after meeting with the Israeli war Cabinet in Tel Aviv last night. They said that finding their loved ones should be more important than trying to destroy Hamas.

Prime Minister Netanyahu says if we weaken the enemy, we have a better chance of bringing the hostages home.


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