Cornelius Mweetwa


Government says it is aware of the schemes by the opposition to incite the local citizenry to commit lawlessness.

Minister of Information and Media Cornelius Mweetwa says the government has seriously taken note of issues raised by former President Edgar Lungu in his public address yesterday.

During his public address yesterday, former President Lungu expressed concern on various governance issues he said was threatening democracy which must be protected.

Speaking in a press briefing held in Chipata today, Mr Mweetwa said the issues raised by Mr Lungu are a representation of “ people drinking from the cup of bitterness” after failing to accept the verdict of the people after the 2021 General Elections.

Mr Mweetwa, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson, said the issues raised by the former President after describing the New Dawn Government as dictatorship in nature are highly misplaced and uncalled for.

“We welcome the public address by the former President Edgar Lungu, we are taken aback that the former President has reduced himself from a Statesman to a position below and expectation of the people of Zambia, “he said.

The chief government spokesperson said the former President during his public address misinformed the people of Zambia and the globe.

The Government under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema is one that is anchored by the rule of law and not by men, he said.

The government spokesperson has urged the people of Zambia not to fall for the political treachery initiated by the former Head of State and his cohorts.

Mr Mweetwa said the people of Zambia were fed up and settled for something more than the political rhetoric offered by the previous administration.

” We respect him as former President and the he issues raised. But Mr Edgar Lungu is wrong messenger of this message, “he said.

Revealing that government is aware of the plans by the opposition in the country to call upon people to be up in arms and cause confusion, he said the New Dawn Government rules by the law and will not in any way allow lawlessness in the country.

“The Zambia today is better off than the Zambia two years ago. I want to indicate that what former President Lungu and his friends are doing are creating a side show away from the main trajectory of the country.

“ They cannot compete on policy but politics. We need to address issues that will benefit the people of Zambia, “he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mweetwa said Government will not remove the former President’s immunity in order for him to face the law for his misconduct during tenure.


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