MINISTER responsible for Tourism and Arts has called for calm in the nation and in particular amongst artistes assuring them of president Lungu’s protection as long as they exercised their right to freedom of expression within the confines of law.

Hon. Chitotela who is also Pambashe lawmaker says government regrets any public altercation that is perceived to have had ensued stating that it had no blessings from the President.

Speaking, friday, at a meeting with leaders of various associations of artistes, Mr. Chitotela reminded artistes that ‘with great power comes responsibility” and appealed to them to respect the rights of others.

“Government regrets any altercation that is perceived to have been happened in public. It had no blessings from the president, ” said Chitotela

“Every Zambian and artiste in particular expressing themselves will be protected by the President and my ministry as long as they exercise the right to freedom of expression within the confines of law. Remember where your rights end that’s where another person’s rights begin.”

Meanwhile, the Arts Minister has clarified that there is no Gold mine in the country that has been sold to any foreigner.

He advised artistes to form comparatives and apply for prospecting mining licence to explore the sector.

He further disclosed that part of the K10 billion announced by president will be apportioned to CEEC for fair and easier access by artistes and small scale businesses experiencing challenges to meet bank conditions.

The minister has told artistes that he runs an open door policy and has since directed officials at the ministry not to subject artistes to any red tapes whenever they visit his office “i want to meet every artist unless i am extremely busy but you must reschedule the meeting”

The meeting resolved to hold quarterly meetings, next meeting being at the month end of August so that some of issues raised can be addressed by his Excellency president Lungu during his next address to parliament.

The minister has since called peace to reign and for artistes to bury the past, reassuring them that none of them will be harmed under the able leadership of his Excellency President lungu.



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