Government must explain second helipad at Community House- Mbinji Mufalo


Mbinji Mufalo wrote;

Of the helipad at Community House

Really thought the Opposition’s noise over the helipad at Community House, was just constipated intelligence. But after my former student, Kaize, educated me on quicker means of change detection using Google Earth Pro, it is clear the Government has to explain the funding of the second helipad as shown in the April 27, 2023 image of the imagery herein. For between July 7, 2022 and April 27, 2023 on unknown dates the second rectangular helipad was built.

Funny thing is, Google Earth Pro has always been on my desktop since I was introduced to it, two decades ago.

In hindsight, I did not need to ‘mat’. Perhaps, I experienced momentary constipated intelligence, innit.



  1. You are free to create a Helipad at your farm!
    These are low hanging issues we should not waste time on!
    A foreign friend recently asked me why Zambians shun wealthy people and demonize anything they cannot own?
    Then I thought we are a religious people who glorify poverty and label the wealthy among us as Satanists!
    This hatred borders on witchcraft!
    If you call yourself a child of the rich God I know and glorifying poverty at the same time, then you need deliverance!
    When Messiah said blessed are the poor in spirit, he did not mean poverty-stricken people! He simply meant blessed are you if you are open minded and teachable, always thirsting for more spiritual enlightenment, willing to learn new things, blessed are you!
    Do you not know that man was Created King on earth to have Dominion over God’s Creation?
    If poverty is dominating you, you are not of God!
    Diligent hands bring wealth!
    What if the Helipad is meant to ease the inconvenience the presidential motorcade has been causing to motorists and the general public?
    Isn’t that a good thing?

  2. It is good when even those who supported HH and UPND can today begin to question certain decisions by GRZ. HH, the Zambian cattle ranching tycoon, never did a Helipad or two at his community house when he was in opposition. So, why is he doing this only now when he is Head of State? Is this not what uncritical praise-singers should concern themselves with? Hats off former colleague at UNZA, Mufalo Mbinji, for raising concern over the matter.

    • These days he rarely uses Mosi- O- Tunya road to get to state house. He’s flown there by choppers hence the second helipad to accommodate the bigger eagle 2 chopper. I can confirm the first helipad has been at community house from his opposition days

    • You are a CONFUSED FELLOW. When people are buying lands they don’t buy those small 20cmx30cm plots. They think way ahead. Leave HH alone nobantu. He thinks Big!!!

  3. So this is check and balance? Helipad is not an air strip or airport. You can as well construct yours in your village if have a chppper, kikikikikiki

  4. If these are the checks and balances we have Zambia, then we are going nowhere. Why bothering the government to explain when HH himself can explain if that is what you want. Having a helipad is normal, it’s just as good as having one or two swimming pools at your home. Go to America or our neighboring South Africa, private citizens have airstrips in their residential premises or plots. Some of these things is just a matter of interest and exposure, HH has been exposed to this kind of life before he even became the President, he is not at your level or class. Had it not been some investigations, maybe even Hon. Bonanza could have already made one or two of them for his helicopters.

  5. A bit of updated education to the author and others: a Helipad is simply a slab, such as a 3 bedroomed house slab or tennis court table which averagely can cost ZMW 70,000.00

  6. HH is the richest person in Zambia. He can afford anything. By the he owns helicopters.
    You mbiji and tyrol go on with miserable life of poverty-stricken and jealousy. Fools


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