…..As BRE supports women empowerment programme…

Mongu , Feb 9,2024, ZANIS—Government has refuted all allegations going round on social media, suggesting that it was a deliberate plot to cause harm to the people of Mongu and the BRE by a ZAMMSA truck.

Gender Division Permanent Secretary, Mainga Kabika has clarified that the truck was carrying Gender Division equipment intended to donate to women cooperatives in Limulunga.

Ms Kabika says there was no ill motive to the accident and that all allegations should be regarded as false.

ZANIS reports that Ms Kabika was speaking in Limulenga during a press briefing she held alongside the BRE- Prime Minister, Mukela Manyando before distributing the equipment to women cooperatives in Limulunga.

She said the Driver of the truck was guided to enter the palace premises while awaiting for the handover event but unfortunately misjudged the height of the containerized trailer.

‘”There was no ill motive whatsoever to the unfortunate incident, the truck was carrying equipment for women cooperatives which we are distributing not only in Limulunga but the whole country,”Ms Kabika stated.

“I have dispatched trucks with empowerment everywhere and I got trucks from different government institutions to help us distribute empowerment ZAMMSA inclusive,” she said.

She assured that the government has taken responsibility to reconstruct the damaged entrance arch of the perimeter soon.

She said the BRE was informed in advance of the arrival of the equipment and subsequent distribution to beneficiaries in Limulunga.

Ms Kabika later handed over several empowerments to women cooperatives in Limulunga that included ploughs, Hammer meals, rice polishers, fertilizer, seeds, and oxcarts among other items.

And Prime Minister Ngambela Mukela Manyando thanked the government for empowering women cooperatives in western province.

“I want to thank the government through you PS, for this good gesture, our appeal is that you continue doing this work. We have a lot of cooperatives where men are also involved and I request that you consider them as well, Prime Minister Mukela stated.

“As you know western Province has a lot of districts and ensures that you take this equipment everywhere, as BRE we are very happy with the job you are doing and we appreciate the government for this development. Thank you very much PS, ” he stated.

Meanwhile Ms Kabika explained the women empowerment implementation and its modalities saying that the women economic empowerment program, is an initiative by the Government to promote equity and equality through provision of productivity and value addition equipment to vulnerable but viable women in cooperatives or groups countrywide.

Ms Kabika added that beneficiaries have to apply for assistance through an application form provided by the Gender Division, available in all districts at District Commissioner’s offices. Guidelines on how to apply and submit the application are also available at DCs offices.

She stated that beneficiaries do not necessarily have to come to the Gender Division offices in Lusaka, but can apply at DCs offices within their localities.

“The idea to empower women through the Women Economic Empowerment program (WEEP), is premised on the fact that for generations, women have been marginalized and they mostly suffer abuse through Gender Based Violence (GBV), because of lack of economic capacity to contribute at household levels and mostly depend on men,”she said.

She said this initiative therefore, gives capacity to women to be able to economically contribute in homes.

“”In 2024, K15 Million has been provided for WEEP in the Gender Division budget. It is anticipated that more than 250 cooperatives and groups will be empowered, “she disclosed.

Ms Kabika said equipment that is provided ranges from manufacturing to agriculture productivity and value addition, adding that the idea is to boost production of quality products that will fetch

Credit: ZANIS


  1. This is interesting, development equipment delivered by the Government of the Republic of Zambia is well received and accepted in Limulunga. What nonses is brewing then and where is its origin?
    Surely, the government intelligence system knows and had kept quite.
    Watch Meembe and ECL, cage these guys and the nonses will cease. Don’t even waist time.

    • His Master’s Voice, we are remaining with only less than two (2) years before ZAMBIANS go for General Elections. I CONFIDENTIALITY WISH TO ADVISE YOU TO START PREPARING YOUR MESSAGE OF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PRESIDENT HH AND THE UPND PARTY NOT TO THE TWO JOKERS YOU’VE MENTIONED (ecl and f m’membe).

    • Mumbeti, it is my pleasure to share with you what our beloved KK said about Hakainde. At the time, I dismissed his fears lightly. PF were so bad that voters were even willing to vote for anything just to replace them. I was one of those voters, and I hang my head in shame foe not having listened to a true voice of wisdom from our KK.

  2. If the Litunga’s house collapses due to structural reasons, these primitive villagers will still find someone to blame!
    No need to be on the edge!
    An accident is an accident!
    Let the villagers concoct whatever their hearts desire!
    They think they are British, so they don’t want to associate with us backward natives in the rest of Zambia!
    A good example of Negropeans who start looking down on a Negro brother after befriending a Melanin deficient homosapien from across the oceans!
    Government should stop wasting time on some of these issues!
    Let those who want to make mountains out of trivia go ahead!
    After all, Zambia is a much bigger country than some imaginary countries!


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