Government releases jet plane involved in the Gold Scandal- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Government releases jet plane involved in the Gold Scandal

The Gold Scandal Update;

A new Scandal is brewing over the Gold Scandal.

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) seized and applied to court that the $5.7million and the plane involved in the Gold Scandal be forfeited to the state.

However, the Bombardier Global Express, BD-T7-700-1A10 (T-WSS) was mysteriously released on Friday 12th April 2024, airport authorities have confirmed.

The Gold Scandal netted officials from and associated with State House, Lusaka Businessmen, a goldsmith, and a team from Egypt comprising military officials and businessmen.

The Gold Scandal made news worldwide placing President Hichilema’s Government at the centre of the diplomatic and illicit commercial scandal.

The release of the plane will spark a new scandal.


  1. Hakainde Hichilema.

    Once the dust has settled after 2026, or whenever this conman leaves office, we will discover that he has been the most corrupt president in Africa, ever!

    He can only fool his tribesmates, or those with cow brains.


    • Funny people like you believe in this propagandist with a passion. It’s all lies, on his Facebook page he has posted a flight plan of 13 August 2023 and none for 12 April 2024 he’s talking about.

    • Abena Indigo, throwing in the name of HH in your criminal activities without solid evidence will not take you anywhere.
      If you have evidence of what you are saying, please go to the courts of law. No one is stopping you. Telling lies and pulling down someone’s character on social media will not get you anywhere.

      We all know that Lungu purchased another Presidential jet for the sole purpose of carrying out illegal activities. A plane that HH doesn’t use and has described as a crime scene.

      It is therefore not surprising that you and other PeeEfu career criminals are following this case closely. There is photographic evidence of Kasanda being hosted by Emmanuel Mwamba. This case calls very close to home, it has strings that go all the way up to the top, to the kasaka ka ndrama. The similarities between this case and previous episodes where the new presidential jet was the courier aircraft are very uncanning. The only difference is that no one could go and search the Presidential jet without violating diplomatic immunity. That plane was purchased very specifically for criminal activities.

      I blame the current government for being too soft on criminals. The “give up the loot and we won’t prosecute you” law is creating a new breed of criminal whose only regret is getting caught.

    • You’re very disgusting and an ass hole. You’re the idiots that are dividing Zambia. You son of a bitch, why do you have to bring in issues of tribes? You rotten PF thieves who destroyed Zambia just for the benefit of a few Mafias who thanks to God we removed in 2021.

  2. Leave HH alone. Find some work to do. You will collapse one day because of your hatred for HH. We know is painful to loose elections especially after being involved in the $24 million of scrapping off KCM. People can steal….$24 one person. No wonder Zambia became bankrupty

  3. We thank Ambassador Mwamba for showing us how the masquerades are conning us…and the case is in camera, not for the eyes.
    The scandals are piling up each day..
    Why can’t this government do something right?? The Lusaka Ndola Dual carriage Road project, KCM , Mopani, Fertilizer, Medicines and Drugs.. everything they do , there should be grey areas. Why honestly??

  4. Emmanuel Mwamba why not talk about Milingo Lungu and 24 million USD which was forfeited to the state because of corruption and thieving?


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