By The Zambian Times

After misleading the old civil servants that they will retire at 60 years instead of 55, government has stubbed the old folks in the back. Government has instructed that all those above 55 must be retired immediately, because of a very old court judgement which was ignored.

The reason for the sudden change is because of next years election. The civil service is completely sealed to the roof because people have not been retiring.

Retiring thousands will open up vacancies and promotions.This will imply that in the election year, there will be thousands of vacancies and promotions in each government department. Government may employ upto 30,000 young workers in every department and promote many thousands more. This will be a very good campaign strategy hoped to please the below motivated civil service.

Now the problem is that the current constitution demands that civil servants must keep on getting paid until they are given their pension. So employing new workers while the old ones are getting paid even if they are not working will make this plan useless.

Interestingly this is where bill 10 comes in handy. The Zambian Times would like to remind you that bill 10 seeks to repel the constitution so that retirees will stop getting paid after they are retired. Are you able to think what we are thinking? Well planned move.

The sad reality is that people were mislead into thinking they have many years. They got loans and slowed down preparing themselves. With this move, the majority of our old hard working teachers, nurses, police officers, soldiers, cleaners etc will be turned into beggars over night.Part of their pension dues will be taken away by banks to settle existing loans. There will also psychologically traumatised.

Just so that they win elections, they are ready to sacrifice these old people’s lives without mercy. Shame. -The Zambian Times




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