After the announcement that former President Edgar Lungu was to attend the late Tutwa Ngulube’s first memorial service in Kabwe this morning, his family came under pressure to ensure that either the former president did not attend or the event be postponed or canceled.

Earlier yesterday, PF Vice President Given Lubinda urged all party members and supporters to turn up in numbers clad in PF regalia in order to demonstrate that Tutwa’s lost life was being remembered and celebrated by the political family he belonged to.

But the police, through its spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, were not happy with this arrangement and issued veiled threats against such plans.

After threats and intimidations, Tutwa’s family last night were cowed into submission.

I now take the liberty to share [below] the brief speech that former President Lungu prepared to deliver at Tutwa’s Memorial Service.

Issued by:

Emmanuel Mwamba

PF’s chairperson for Information and Publicity, MCC.

For full ECL speech see pictures attached bellow!


  1. You decided to involve Tutwa’s family in your idiotic pf infighting by wanting ecl to be in attendance and not pf president miles sampa. And then you want to twist your stupidity to say the Government is now what?

    Grow up bakoswe imwe!!!!

  2. But PF has funny characters mwebantu!!Lungu today saying nonsense??lol
    Kuti waseka!!
    Given a chance PF can be attending all funerals and visiting all those arrested even people they don’t know just for an opportunity for camera and audience!!

  3. Mwamba your stupidity is unprecedented, you are supposed to be an elite amoung the largely uneducated PF followers but instead you look even more stupid, you know how your milkless cow changes these gatherings to political rallies but still pretend as if he is holly, it is just recent when he polluted Sata’s grave with his useless political come back rally, it is him you need to talk to, so that he behaves matuarlly, not the stupidity of Nalitumpa, memorials are supposed to be respected, you were even clapping when he was annoying the spirits at Sata’s memorial like a small kid without manners


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