Govt Has Apologized To The BRE After The Truck Rammed Into The Litunga’s Entrance Where Words, “King Of Barotseland” Was Written



By Wamui Nyumbu

The government of Zambia has apologized to the BArotse Royal Authority in Limulunga Royal Palace after the truck from the medical stores unity rammed into the Main gate, destroying the entrance of the Royal palace grounds on Monday around 11:00hrs.

The provincial permanent secretary Simomo Akapelwa representing the Zambian government of president Hakainde Hichilema has taken over the responsibilities of building a new entrance. Government will construct a new one and put the words “King of BArotseland”.

According to the driver, he said he was looking for the space to make a u-turn from. He was advised to make a u-turn at multi purpose center (former Post office area) but he went ahead and thought he was able to go down to the harbor and make a u-turn but unfortunately he failed to judge the height of the truck hence rammed into the main gate.

He apologized to the kuta and begged that he was not an agent sent by the state to destroy the gate. He said he knows BArotseland is a kingdom with a reigning King Lubosi Imwiko II, hence showing remorseful to the kuta and the peaceful people of BArotseland to forgive him.

However, the local people who were so angry and wanted to wrap up and beat him refused to accept his narrative. The youths, women and men who rushed to scene and kuta said , it was Zambia’s intention to destroy the main gate which had words written “King of BArotseland” in order to shame the Kuta and people of BArotseland. we know Zambians hate us with passion and we don’t care. the very reason we no longer want to be with them.

The Youths who disclosed that, it’s now written in white and black that the government of president Hakainde Hichilema is targeting to Finnish BArotse monarchy and make the BArotse people suffer. We heard what the president said at Mulongshi international conference center and it was a direct attack on us the people of BArotseland.

The youths who spoke on top of their high voices said, you will never erase BArotseland or Finnish lozis. We are ready to be arrested, be persecuted , be jailed and die for BArotseland. Can you see that since 1969, Zambian government has been arresting, persecuting and jailing us the lozis ? A lot have died under the Zambian government over BArotseland and we are ready to die.

The Angry youths were only calmed down by indunas who requested to have a talk with them.

However, speculations has continued to pour in BArotseland with people insinuating that it was Zambia’s mission to destroy the gate. This followed after the outspoken BArotseland national youths alliance daring anyone to go and remove the words written at the main gate. People are loosing hope in the Dawn government and they are now regrouping in order to defend BArotseland.


  1. Kikikiki … Barotse people, don’t you have better things to do or talk about?
    Imagine with all the sand you have, you could have been the major exporters of building blocks in the Region!
    The Lobito Corridor already under construction is another great opportunity to get ahead!
    Western province can still achieve great development without this retrogressive idea of wanting to be on your own as ba Malozi!
    Some of the Barotse people have inter-married with other tribes and have mixed children and grandchildren. Why do you want to confuse the mixed breed generation?
    President HH made a statement of fact! Western province is not a country!
    Check on the world Map!
    You won’t find a country called Barotseland! President HH is your tribal cousin! What if he was doing chimbuya and you want to make a storm in a teacup?
    Let’s learn to co-exist the way we have been!
    We cannot have a Kingdom within a Kingdom! That is a recipe for war!
    Our armed forces are under Oath to protect the territorial integrity of Zambia which includes Western province!
    Trying to breakaway any part of Zambia is an explosive issue!
    The rest of Zambia will never agree to such a proposition!
    So don’t try to make a mountain out of an antihill!
    2024 is for positive energy only!
    A small accident like this means there is need for proper engineering!
    We have these banners in most chiefdoms across the country! There have been similar incidences elsewhere but never did we hear the noise we are getting from that side!
    I have always told my Lozi friends that this Barotse issue is what has retarded development in Western province!
    Open up and integrate with your fellow Africans!
    If Zambians were ba kuwa, we wouldn’t be hearing this noise!
    And we need to change this paranoia where some Western province natives think the rest of the country hates them. A paranoid mind easily distorts reality! In Psychiatry, there is what is called Projection!
    You can be saying others don’t like me when in actual fact it is you who has the problem of not getting along well with others!

  2. You lozis , The people of Kaoma want to remain Zambian. The Mbundas want to remain Zambians.
    Take your separatist activities out of Zambia. We shouldn’t really be begging you


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