President Hakainde Hichilema writes below….

Fellow citizens.

Today, the 25th March, 2022, we witnessed the pass-out parade of 927 Zambia Correctional Services cadets and recruits at Nyango Training Institute in Kaoma of Western Province.

We are resolute and determined to creating more jobs and business opportunities for all of our citizens. We have no doubt in our mind that Zambia is set to realise its full potential and this is why we are working round the clock to ensure that this comes to fruition.

In our address to the new officers we stated that there is need to help those that are in various detentions to realise that being in jail does not mean the end of life and also that anyone is a potential customer of detention facilities, and therefore when such a one is placed under their custody, they must ensure safety of such citizens.

We have been to these detentions before and drew a lot of lessons, among them the need to modernise these facilities so that they can be more habitable.

We are working round the clock to ensure that detention facilities can be of life saving standards and not the current status and perception that these are death chambers. Detention facilities are now being turned into behaviour rehab.

We also called upon those charged with responsibilities of recruitment into public service to begin ensuring inclusions and not exclusions and especially giving a priority to local citizens in a particular area. We want jobs and business opportunities to stay in local areas and ultimately within Zambia but where and when necessary export expertise.

However and in order to realise the dream of Zambia being a better place, we need to join hands and work together both in bad and good times and it is under this score that we paid a courtesy call on their Royal Highnesses; Senior Chief Kanongesha of Mwinilunga and Chief Mwene Mutondo of Kaoma in North Western and Western provinces respectively. They joined us in witnessing today’s event.

With their two Royal Highnesses, we illustrated how we are determined and working round the clock to ensure a better Zambia and we were glad to hear that they are aware of our strides in making Zambia better. We were also pleased to learn of their assurance that we work together. While in office, we will work with all the traditional leaders to foster peace, unity and development.

Once more, congratulations to the new officers and we wish them God’s guidance as they begin to serve the Nation.

Zambia is getting better and indeed will be better. Let us all get involved and get it solved.

May God bless our Country.

Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia.


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