… Director Spokesperson joins Emmanuel Mwamba on radio Programme
May 10, 2023
Government says days when people could tell lies in order to make the New Dawn Government unpopular are long gone as all lies will be met with the full force of factual information.

Director Spokesperson in the Ministry of Information and Media Thabo Kawana says there will be no more time when people will go to media houses to tell lies and lies are left uncorrcted.

Speaking this morning when he sought permission from Lusaka Music Radio Management to join PF Member Emmanuel Mwamba on a phone in radio programme, Mr. Kawana said government has a duty of providing factual information to the citizens.
“The moment we hear that you are telling lies, we shall join you on the programme so that we provide factual information to the people,” Mr. Kawana said.

He said there is nothing confrontational in challenging the lies as this provides the Zambian people with an opportunity to hear both sides of the story at the same time and make their own sound judgement.

“We do not storm radio and TV stations but we come after engaging the respective management so that citizens can have information from both sides.

Mr. Kawana charged that there is nothing illegal with challenging the lies made on public platforms such as radio and television stations.
Mr. Mwamba today appeared on Lusaka Music Radio where he alleged that the UPND government is behind manoeuvres to deregister the PF when in fact the party has failed to comply with the Registrar of Societies in submitting necessary documentation for its Office Bearers.

Mr. Mwamba admitted that the party is experiencing some administrative challenges in having some of its Office Bearers cleared hence putting it in an awkward position with the Registrar of Societies.


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