….and tell Zambians why those in power feel UKA should not be registered, says Miyanda

Lusaka…. Sunday, April 14, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

Governance Expert and Human Rights Advocate Wesley Miyanda says government should come out clean on United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) registration and tell Zambians why those in power feel UKA should not be registered.

Mr Miyanda has questioned why they are seemingly scared of UKA when the organization is full of recycled leaders some of who have already exhausted their ideas in the past regimes.

He said Zambia is a democratic state and in multipartism.

He observed the need to create a conducive political environment and allow Zambians to exercise their constitutional rights to do politics freely without being intimidated.

“We wish to strongly condemn the arrest and detention of United Kwacha Alliance leaders namely Jackson Silavwe, Saboi Imboela and the two Journelists by Zambia Police in Kafue District. The two leaders were spotted at the Ground where UKA was supposed to have a rally on Saturday. Our police officers are on record to abuse constitutional rights of citizens, the trend which is devaluing our democracy and multiparty system,” he said.

“What the police officers should have done was simply to ask the two named UKA leaders and the two media personnel to leave the football ground, without necessarily detaining them.”

He observed that the issue of UKA has really taken the centrestage in the political landscape and people seem to have a lot of conflicting statements over its registration.

“We still want to appeal to UKA sponsors to stop organizing meetings in the name of UKA meanwhile until it is fully registered by the Registrar of Societies. United Kwacha Alliance is different from the way UPND Alliance was done. So it can not ride on the registration of those eight Political parties making up UKA. If registering UKA as a political party or Pressure Movement is a challenge due to unnecessary restrictions by government through these public institutions such as Zambia Police and Registrar of Societies, then UKA sponsors or members should consider using any of those Political parties to come up with something like FDD Alliance, Citizens First Alliance, NDC Alliance or any other existing name,” he added.


  1. This is misleading information. No one is stopping the registration of UKWA.

    The onus, the responsibility to be registered lies with UKWA themselves.

  2. It’s not even government, it’s Hichilema who is giving instructions that UKA must not be registered because Edgar Lungu and PF are part of it. May be he thinks he will be in state house for ever, and what he’s doing to Edgar won’t be done to him. I wish Hichilema knew how much most Zambians don’t want him. I think he knows that’s why he’s blocking Edgar, for fear of Zambians showing their hate for Hichilema, and love for Edgar. Ala whatever goes up must come done, the end for Hichilema will also come one day and he will be in Edgars shoes also.

    • The UPND-kind, are good for other God given things. Caring for the unlike is not one of them. Their problem is the lack of insight!


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