Telesphore Mpundu


By Michael Nyumbu

Former Lusaka Diocese Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has urged Government to listen to concerns from citizens regarding the current economic challenges.

Archbishop Mpundu says citizens have no food and children go to school on empty stomachs adding that priests and church leaders are also being affected with the high cost of living in the Country.

He has since advised Government to consider engaging experts who can help fix the economic hardships facing Zambia.

And Archbishop Mpundu has told Byta FM News that the New Dawn Administration was too quick to accept the unfavorable conditions of the International Monitory Fund -IMF- hence the economic mess in the country.

However, United Party for National Development -UPND- Deputy National Youth Chairperson for mobilization TREVOR MWIINDE has accused Archbishop Mpundu of being a staunch politician – clergyman whose followers are drawn from the church and his family members.

Mwiinde has since urged Archbishop Mpundu to consider reaching out to his followers in his church and his family to explain why essential commodities have become expensive unlike criticising President Hakainde Hichilema.


  1. Archbishop Mpundu oise not acting like a shepherd. He wants to fan trouble in the country. Can he point out where this hunger is because I do not see it. Is the cost of living high? I l say yes but wr need to adjust our living habits a bit for a short while. Please ba Archbishop stop your biased politics.

  2. Mpundu is good at complaining which is his democratic right anyway. But that should not just end there.
    Mpundu should also explain why the cost of living is too expensive for everyone in our country.
    Is not his PF Friends and Family that borrowed too much and stole all the money which has left the poor people in more poverty? Mpundu knows this and can explain this to his pack of family and friends.
    The experts that can help resolve the cost of living conundrum is the IMF and World Bank and they have already helped us. That’s why children are now going to school free.
    Mpundu should not expect the IMF to pay our debts especially when Edgar Lungu and his gang that stole through borrowing are walking around freely. Zambians have to bear the pain inflicted by Edgar & Co; they’re the ones that put Lungu into office. Govt is doing and has done its best. Mpundu knows HH didn’t borrow the money causing the pain, why doesn’t he ask Lungu to pay back?
    By now we know Mpundu very well and even understand what stands for. He shouldn’t shift his blame game to ND and we know the thieves!!

    • While the reasons we are having hardships are known it’s not fair for you to respond to critics of our government because they are trying to open our eyes so that we work better because if you generalize things we won’t go beyond 2026 even with the best policies but food prices remaining high we may lose government, we must speak like parents of all Zambians

  3. Yachepa offering, Boma iyanganepo … Kikikiki
    But honestly, we need to be realistic as a people!
    If we stay muma komboni, no minda, how do we expect to survive?
    We survived SAP and HIPC, thanks to the foundation KK laid for Agriculture. From the Chiluba days, less people are participating in food production. Most have moved to towns without any survival plan because they want QUICK MONEY!
    It started with Kwacha Mania, Akaredi naka black, now it’s Bolabet and Bonanza!
    How can you not feel the pinch of Austerity measures due to our country’s heavy indebtedness?
    Instead of just criticizing the government, the church should preach the correct message to the people! The Creator said “by the Sweat of thy brow, thou shalt eat bread!”
    Sometimes I feel Zambia and Burundi, Rwanda should exchange it’s youths!
    How come our youths have become junkies while their well-behaved refugee counterparts are using their time wisely to earn a decent living?
    And when they see their counterparts getting rich, they will start accusing them of using black magic?
    The only key to success is hard work and perseverance!
    Let the former Arch Bishop analyze correctly! It is our people who have become lazy!
    It’s not the job of government to feed the people. People must work and produce what they eat! Trouble is we have fewer food producers. How can food get cheap?
    The church is not helping with this situation! The Bible says if someone does not want to participate in food production, they should not eat!

    • The lack of appreciation of the sequence of events that brought us in this financial mess is the cause of this illogical half truths being uttered.

      Skillfully and deceptively this man has deliberately and convienently left out the real causes of our predicament.

      Corruption and theft of government funds plus fraudulent and mismanagement of public resources coupled with abuse of office are the main causes of what we are facing.

      The effects of the past will continue to affect future generations to come as most of the over borrowed monies ended up in the pockets of a few selfish people who currently are being pursued by law enforcement agencies to bring back what they stole.

      We who vote are not blind to these very critical issues which some untrustworthy characters are deliberately ignoring.

      So the truth is first we need to fix the mess created. It can not be ignored. That is why we keep saying most of the people complaining make no sense. While all this mismanagement was going on they were quite. Why? Did it mean they were ok with this criminality. Or maybe due to benefits given the abrogated their social responsibility to speak out for the masses being abused.

      It is clear to see that the unfair and unjustified claims by this clergy is not entirely sincere as he is concentrating on the wrong issues of blaming those putting solutions to reverse the devastating and very poor performance of the previous regime.

      If what we are advising is wrong let one come out and show us to the contrary.

      In all this we are not putting a balme on everyone from the past administration. Some noble men and women still exsisted. However the inclination of looting and violence was the image very loudly prounced.

      To prove my point what logic is there in advocating for a revot against a democratically elected government. Is this not the same retrogresive bad leadership tendencies we have been speaking about.

      By the way whose children does this person want to be put in harms way? His family will certainly be far from harm. Not withstanding that they have to explain how they got all wealth they claim. Hard work is one thing , transference of wealth through relationship and position is questionable and needs to be interrogated. Very objectively!!

      Lets understand that an action to destroy an economy can not be repaired in a matter of weeks ,months or years. Thats why it saddens us the voters when ignorant and cheap politicians utter nonsense of forgetting about the past mistakes and just forcus on miraculously fixing the economy.

      We as a nation are paying dearly for the unacceptable and ridiculous mismanagement from the past regime. Infact our future generations will have to deal with this unfortunate mess long after some of the thieves are dead and burried. This is unfair and un injustice. Only God will follow through and make good of this unwarranted action.

  4. Praise-singers waste time writing long things trying to respond to criticism not knowing very few people read what they write. Archbishop Mpundu has always stood for the poor. He does not desire riches. For us who know him, he lives and eats simple even picking crumbs that fall from his plate. That is who he is.

  5. When truth is given few receive it. To be blunt sometimes helps to shape those who would rather bury the heads in the sand and use the poor as a means of justifying a means.

    When was his fight supposed to happen while people stole or after the fact has happened. Trouble is now he is attributing everything to the wrong guys. Learn to speak the honest truth.

    • The so called stealing never used to be felt because people’s lives were not affected as much as they are now. The Bishop used to castigate any wrongs that he saw in the previous government much to the amusement of upnd by then.The Bishop always speaks the truth and always on the side of poor people in the country.

  6. What proof does our esteemed Archbishop has to show that the government is not listening or concerned with the high cost living? The government is doing everything possible to alleviate the suffering, it’s only unfortunate that 70% of our earnings goes to debt servicing which the people he supports recklessly borrowed. However, we shall pass through the challenges, the eagle doesn’t suffer a bad weather of a cloudy rainy day, he passes through the same clouds and reaches a bright sunshine above them. So very soon we shall fly above these challenges, nga te nkongole, nga twalipita kale.


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