Felix Mutati


Lusaka, 25th March, 2022, ZANIS—Government has with immediate effect slashed the Driving Schools registration and accreditation fee by fifty percent in an effort to encourage skills development and job creation among youths.

Technology and Science Minister, Felix Mutati said government recognises the important role played by the private sector in the youth empowerment and job creation agenda and is therefore committed to strengthen the partnerships with the private sector.

Mr. Mutati said the transport and logistics sub sector is one that provides lot of job opportunities for young people and therefore the removal of barriers in this area is a matter of urgency.

He said the registration fee of K9,000 that driving schools pay to TEVETA has been identified as one of the barriers to acquisition of driving skills among youths, which prevents them from benefiting from the Constituency Development Fund skills development provision.

“We have taken a decision that the 9,000 that was being charged to register with Teveta be removed. First you the driving skills company must be registered with RTSA because we want to be assured with safety and other road usage parameters. Once you have registered with RTSA we will give you a discount of 50% and this will be valid up to the end of the year” he said

Mr. Mutati however emphasised that the discount applies on condition that the driving schools are registered with the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to ensure safety and compliance.

Meanwhile, Outgoing President of the Driving Schools Association of Zambia, Hope Kumalo has thanked the government for the move, stating that the fee has been unaffordable for many driving schools and a blockage to their growth.

“We really just want to thank you for your very prompt and positive response to our request. Indeed we are beginning to remove our doubts that we have put in place the right government. The thing that drew the young entrepreneurs to the UPND was your promise that your are going to groom and support SMEs and your statement today has shown that your promises were genuine” she said.

The registration fee which was pegged at ZMW 9,000 has been reduced to K4,000 effective from Monday



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