Vice President Inonge Wina says Government is still considering the right course of action to take regarding the issue of privatisation of the country’s assets during the Movement for Multiparty Democracy -MMD- regime.

Wina has described the privatisation matter as a national issue that is being debated by various stakeholders.

She says the people of Zambia want Government to put the discussion to an end and that this is still being considered.

Wina says the privatisation of state-owned assets left most parts of the country poor and that many citizens were subjected to destitution.

She said this during the Vice President’s question time in Parliament in response to a question by Muchinga Member of Parliament Howard Kunda on whether Government is planning to set up a commission of inquiry into the matter.

Meanwhile, the Vice President stated that President Edgar Lungu has not failed to run the economy.

Wina also said the appointment of the Bank of Zambia Governor is a prerogative of the Head of State.

This was in response to a question by Itezhi Tezhi member of Parliament, Herbert Shabula.

And as captured by ZNBC, Wina reaffirmed that relations between Zambia and the United States of America are extremely strong and cordial.

This followed a question by Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to find out why the American Government has not yet appointed an Ambassador to Zambia following the recalling of Daniel Foote.

Wina said it is only recently that Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America was accredited by President Donald Trump.

She however said the Zambian Government is not privy to arrangements by the US government to appoint a new Ambassador to Zambia.


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