Govt will go ahead and evacuate KAMBWILI to South Africa for treatment – MWIIMBU, MASEBO



Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu says that Chishimba Kambwili was deported by Zimbabwean authorities because he had crossed into that country illegally, without papers as opposed to the media reports in a local Newspaper that operatives were deployed to bring Kambwili back.

Mwiimbu, speaking at a press briefing this morning also said that it is in the interest of the public to know that government’s position on Kambwili’s issues is not political as he is not the only one that is being take care of by the government.

Meanwhile, Sylvia Masebo, Minister in the Ministry of Health also spoke at the briefing held at Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Headquarters says that it is the responsibility of government to look after every Zambian, including inmates/prisoners.

She has since disclosed that Kambwili is almost in a stable condition and will still be evacuated for specialized medical treatment as the directive by President Hakainde Hichilema has not Changed.


  1. Good, Pali mailo bakati baliba lekelesha.Good stance we salute.Let him be evacuated for specialised treatment he is our own comrade.Anger against a kinsman doesn’t go into flesh.

    • The family brags of being rich, why use tax payer’s money in such a crook? There are patients in our hospitals that need treatment abroad but are not sent on govt sponsorship. Ine Chanibaba Mwandi. These people should be allowed to spend their own money for their health, reserve govt money for us who cannot afford to pay for ourselves

  2. Sometimes I wonder the goings on in our country. There are patients in this country from poor families who have appealed for govt specialist treatment which not been offered. The criminal, jail bird and a very rich man is been given priority why?. Even after insulting the President he still has the special treatment from the President.
    As a citizen, no hard feelings but there’s something here the country needs to know
    Mr.President you may have a good heart, but that good heart will see you down. This is beyond being good, and indeed at the expence of other dying patients in the hospitals across the country
    At an opportune time we shall come to know. We’re all Christians but this is anaza.


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