Govt working on plans to ensure sustainable supply of fuel amidst Russia/Ukraine war

VICE PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango says government is working on plans to ensure sustainable supply of fuel in the country amidst the Russia/Ukraine which has resulted in escalating commodity prices in the country including fuel.

Mrs. Nalumango has also disclosed that government does not have immediate plans to reintroduce subsidies on fuel owing to the rise in prices.

Responding to a question from Chama north member of parliament, Yotam Mutayachalo during the vice president’s question time in parliament, Mrs. Nalumango said government is trying to find cheaper sources of the commodity and admitted that reserves are not enough as the end of the war in Ukraine is not known hence the need to find a sustainable source.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Nalumango says government is optimistic the financial crimes court will achieve convictions in cases before it despite the complexity of these crimes.

According to the vice president, as of yesterday, eight cases were before the financial crimes court which was recently established to prosecute financial crimes.

Credit: Phoenix News


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