Grammy-nominated gospel artist causes stir on flight after flight attendant asked her not to sing on plane

Bobbi Storm/Photo credit: Bobbi Storm via Instagram

Grammy-nominated gospel artist Bobbi Storm has locked horns with a Delta attendant over her persistence to perform for fellow travelers. Social media footage captured of Storm, 36, shows the vocalist making multiple moves to put up in-flight performances until airline staff intervened, threatening to send her off the plane.

The Detroit-born artist was featured in the Grammy-nominated album “The Maverick Way” by Christian group Maverick City Music.

The disagreement began when Storm took to the aisle and began performing to the delight of other travelers but was ordered back to her seat by the flight attendant. The gospel artist, who did not take this lightly, told the attendant she was making waves on the Billboard charts but the flight attendant retorted she should keep quiet and sit down, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The gospel artist drew the flight attendant’s attention to the seatbelt sign being off, insisting it wasn’t a disturbance. Despite retreating to her seat, the situation escalated as she began sharing her origin story with mixed reactions from nearby passengers. Some exchanged uneasy glances, while one woman seemed entertained in the unfolding drama.

Justifying her action, Storm revealed that she has been singing on planes for a very long time. She indicated that the excitement of having two Grammy nominations is enough reason to share her joy with others. The announcement was met with applause from supportive passengers. She indicated her song “We Can’t Forget Him,” is available on various platforms.

She explained that when she was boarding the plane, her initial plan was to sing for passengers but she reconsidered this decision due to her elevated status.

In sharing this, the flight attendant interrupted her and asked her to be quiet. Storm asserted however that other passengers were enjoying her performance. The Delta employee responded that he wasn’t impressed with the singer’s performance and requested her to be quiet. Storm, in response, questioned if she would face consequences, and asked if she would go to jail if she didn’t comply.

The flight attendant, growing frustrated, repeatedly asked the gospel singer if she was willing to be quiet. But, this was met with an emphatic no from Storm who stated that she was following the Lord’s instructions.

The airline employee insisted on a direct answer, emphasizing his authority as the flight leader. Storm turned to other passengers for their opinions, but, there were no replies.

The Delta attendant, visibly frustrated, asked Storm to comply, but she again redirected her question to the passengers. The attendant issued a final warning, stating that failure to follow instructions would result in Storm not being allowed on the flight.

Storm quickly backtracked and resumed to her seat, closing the temporary drama. Despite agreeing to be quiet, Storm later turned to fellow passengers and proposed to sing quietly for those in the back.

She expressed her intention to perform a rendition of her song, “We Can’t Forget Him,” while expressing confusion about the flight attendant’s objection, stating that no one else has ever had an issue with her singing.


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