Group of children stabs teacher outside school gate in UK


A teacher in east London almost died when he was stabbed by a group of kids outside the school.

The teacher who wasn’t named, got stabbed in the back by students at Forest Gate School. He then went to a pharmacy for help. It happened on Tuesday afternoon.

The teacher, who is in his 40s, told the staff that he had only been working at the school for about two weeks when they rushed over to help him.

He said that some of the people who attacked him were wearing school uniforms and he knew some of them, but not all.

Gulzarin Iqbal, who is 27 years old and works as a physician’s assistant at the nearby Lord Lister Health Centre, said he heard people fighting outside and then heard someone scream.

“He said it sounded like a man and some younger people. ”

“Their voices were loud, but I thought it could just be a regular fight – it’s east London after all. ”

“I heard a scream, so I quickly went outside to find out what was going on. ”

At that time, the group had left, but I could still see people in the pharmacy. I ran to the other side of the road and saw a man laying on the ground with his face down.

‘There was a large amount of blood. ‘ or ‘There was a massive bleeding. ‘

A lady who works at Sharman’s Pharmacy and wants to stay anonymous, said: “He came in and asked for help. He said, ‘I’m a teacher at the school and I’ve been stabbed. ‘”

‘There was a lot of blood on the floor. He got a knife in his back.

We called the police and the ambulance right away, and a man from the health center across the street came to assist.

‘The helpers came very quickly and they took him somewhere else. ’

Dr Parvesh Patel, a pharmacist at Mansons Pharmacy, said: “I think he thought a pharmacy was the safest place to be. ”

“He said someone stabbed him with a big knife, but I didn’t see it. ”

I quickly put pressure on the cut on his back.

“People can die from bleeding after a stabbing, so it’s always a concern. ” You never know what will happen.

The pharmacy workers called for help, and when the police arrived, I asked them to put pressure on my wound so I could go to the health center for supplies.

My arms had a lot of blood on them.

‘I brought a defibrillator and a heart monitor to keep an eye on his heart just in case. ‘

‘The ambulance came five minutes after that. ’

The police said the man’s injuries are not bad enough to threaten his life.


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