GULFSTREAM JET IS SECOND HAND…let HH leave it for next president who won’t be petty, says Changala

Brebner Changala
Brebner Changala

…let HH leave it for next president who won’t be petty, says Changala

By Thomas Ngala
BREBNER Changala has castigated infrastructure minister Charles Milupi over his intention to have the Kenneth Kaunde International Airport audited after President Hakainde Hichilema equated it to a sausage.

He told the new dawn that they cannot run a country on empathy with a fixed mind to fix somebody.

Changala charged that “this is the same roller coaster they took us” in the presidential jet, the Gulfstream procured under the former president Edgar Lungu.

“They started giving us fake figures on the Gulfstream. And I challenge them here and now, after they sale, they must tell us how much they have collected, whether they got the true value or they just have the appetite for selling government property. Because that Gulfstream is a second had. If the current man, the President, doesn’t want to fly it just like he doesn’t want to sleep in State House let them, leave it for the next president. Surely, HH must leave it for the next president who is not going to be petty. Mr. Hakainde Hichilema must leave State House for the next president who will be comfortable to sleep there.”

On auditing the KKIA, Changala said Milupi is proving to be a liability.

“He has become a liability. I didn’t know, I thought Mr. Milupi would become a driving force in the charge that the people of Zambia too much desired under the new dawn administration,” he said.

Changala charged that the President Hakainde Hichilema led administration does not take advice.

“The challenge we face, this administration listens to itself. The new dawn administration is a know it all, when the UPND formed government, many of us advised them to form commissions of inquiry in order investigate the seven-year period of the Patriotic Front under Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” he said.

Changala said one of the things the UPND government was advised to investigate was the house the infrastructure development was done in the country.

He said this is because stakeholders thought something was not adding up.

He said President Hichilema was advised to form a commission of inquiry on the seven-year rule into the manner on which the police got power to abuse the citizens.

“…in which the police were allowed to use live ammunitions against defenseless people. How (then Inspect general of police Kakoma) Mr. Kanganja…with the support of Ministry of Home Affairs nearly destroyed our constitutional democracy by disallowing the participation of the general populace in the democratic dispensation,” he said.

“Now we come to the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport which the President (Lungu) paid US400 million when him President Hichilema, and his administration could have bult it at US150 million. We don’t know where he was getting the figure or whether his statement is supported by facts.”

He noted that Nevers Mumba leader of the opposition MMD has also joined the debate regarding the matter and urged the government to audit the construction of the airport.

Changala said the KKIA is not the only infrastructure that was undertaken by the PF.

“The infrastructures are many. The bridges that are littered around Lusaka, the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe on the Copperbelt, the airport in Livingstone…” he said.

Changala said it is very interesting at the point when the UPND is losing popularity with the people that is when it has started picking on which story or action will get them support from the public.

“They had two years in power and they could not listen to anybody to do things in real time, the auditing of KKIA at this juncture will be a waste of resources. And I know they want to request their friendly auditors to give them a doctored audit. It will not do,” he said. “You cannot run a country on empathy, with a fixed mind to fix somebody.”

Changala explained that the auditor general is a constitutional office which has the mandate to audit not only infrastructure but all that is related……

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