Gun-wielding PF commander appears in court


Gun-wielding PF commander appears in court

PF commander known in the circles of political violence as Peter Ma-chain owing to his preferred choice of fighting tool during his party’s time in power, has denied carrying a lethal weapon to Court.

The Edgar Lungu-alligned cadre whose real name is Peter Kashala took plea in the Lusaka Magistrates Court yesterday.

Despite the police giving a firearm amnesty in September this year for the citizenry to surrender their unlicensed weapons, Kashala clung to his memories of being a turbulent ‘commander’ and missed an opportunity given by the police to have illegal firearms legitimized.

Kashala is said to have carried a weapon to the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court on November 21, 2023 which is a public place and conducted himself in a disorderly manner.

The PF cadre was picked up by the crack squad on the said date around 10: 00 after police received intelligence information that Kashala had carried a pistol to the hall of Justice.

As a result of his conduct the 36-year old was slapped with three counts of unlawful possession of a pistol, going armed in public and idle and disorderly persons.

In count one it is alleged that on November 21, 2023 the accused without lawful occasion went armed in public to cause terror to any person.

It is alleged in the second count that Kashala on the same date conducted himself in a manner likely to cause breach of peace.

In the third count Kashala is accused of possessing a Grison Pistol 9 millimeters and 15 rounds of ammunition without a license.

Appearing before magistrate Constance Kasankala, the loud businessman pleaded not guilty to the charges in a hushed tone.

He is represented by Chandiwila Nyimbili

By Mwaka Ndawa



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