Haimbe calls Saboi’s call for MPs to resign immoral, unlawful

Lawyer Mulambo Haimbe

Haimbe calls Saboi’s call for MPs to resign immoral, unlawful

Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe says it is absolutely wrong in law, immoral and irresponsible for opposition leader Saboi Imboela to call on all PF MPs to resign and cause a Constitutional crisis.

In a recorded Voice Note shared, Imboela, the National Democratic Forum (NDC) president called on PF members of Parliament to resign and cause a Constitutional crisis that will force Zambia to go for a general election, if UPND continues to mess with them.

She also said if Zambia goes to the polls today, President HH and most of the UPND members would not win the election.

But speaking to Daily Revelation, Haimbe said he was shocked and surprised that a Zambian who claims to have the interest of the nation at heart could make such an irresponsible statement in terms of calling… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/haimbe-calls-sabois-call-for-mps-to-resign-immoral-unlawful/


  1. Don’t worry about saboi is the senior prostitute who is feelings are no longer working because she misused her time,she started sleeping with Old people ,no wonder she has got no respect for the elders..A person who sleeps with a ghost can not be normal guys let us be honest.As long the column of mps in parliament reaches 53 the president can not dissolve the parliament .

  2. So you are doing things knowing too well that you are vulnerable ? We are a multi party democracy where all political parties should play a role in governance. It’s not President Saboi who is immoral. It’s your great Leader and your government which is immoral. Mr Hakainde Hichilema has crossed the red line in the abuse of the rule of law. The Americans have started seeing the extent of the destruction of our democracy, democratic institutions, and how even Parliament is being destroyed.And many more are seeing.
    Mr Hakainde is leading us to disaster.
    Even the CDF thing will lose meaning in an environment of Tyranny, Despotism , and the rule by the baton of the Police.
    The government can’t be sustained by insults from praise thugs and police batons. We have seen worse in the past , but what is happening in this country is total madness. Police bulldozing into Parliament with an Illegally installed Miles Sampa. The conduct of the Speaker. Talk of the Judiciary! What a country we have become.

  3. Mr. Haimbe if that is the case report Saboi to the Police. Cite the law she has broken and let her be charged, arrested and imprisoned.
    These statements are not being acted on cause that may need to that job, dont know any better. Help them help us.
    We have too many folks making wild and f00lish statements and think they are above the law. Kambwili, Mwamba, Tayali, Saboi, Sean Tembo have all been arrested, charged but have not been imprisoned with Tayali now missing court dates. Until they are imprisoned they have no respect for the law. And think being a Potilicians or a kind of Politician they are above the law. Zambians that have failed at making a living seeks the lable of Politician as means to make a living. We need productive Zambians that will contribute to our meagre tax base. Not people that want to live off the state as Politicians.


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