Haitian police officer in Kenya prior to police deployment

The first contingent is reportedly scheduled for deployment in February next year

Haitian police chief Frantz Elbe is in Kenya for a three-day visit. He is planning to send police to help stop gang violence in Haiti.

Mr Elbe and his group met with the Kenyan police chief and other important security officials for a meeting about security.

The police officers from Kenya are getting ready to go on a UN mission called Multinational Mission to Support Security (MSS). They are visiting as part of their preparation for this mission. Over 1,000 officers are expected to be deployed. This news was reported by local media in Kenya.

The first group of around 300 officers will be sent out by February next year, as reported by The Star newspaper.

Last month, the Kenyan government said they could send soldiers somewhere, but a court said they can’t do it until they finish investigating if it’s allowed.

The plan has been criticized by many people because past efforts in Haiti didn’t work out and because the police in Kenya have been known to violate people’s rights.

Kenya’s top opposition leader, Raila Odinga, has spoken out against the plan to send troops. President William Ruto supports the plan because he believes that Africa wants to help Haiti stay safe and free.

Haiti has about 300 gangs, and 80% of the capital city, Port-au-Prince, is controlled by these gangs.


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