Hakainde Hichilema may lead till 2031- Alice Rowland Musukwa

Alice Musukwa

By Alice Rowland Musukwa.

I stand to be corrected in a very polite and respectful way, if you have nothing sensible to contribute please just skip.

I think, As a Country we need to change the mindset of thinking a government will change our personal problems, we need to understand that every political party will come in with their own propaganda to have that vote, they will try to label the other party corrupt, lairs bla bla just to have their way.

One thing we have powerful as people with a political privilege of democracy, is to make sure the younger generation start to show interest in being in politics, so that in future, they can be the change they talk about.

Zambia has a lot of recycled politicians, same faces trying to create different parties and Same faces trying to still be active using other dynamics, as a country we need to understand that as long the younger generation is scared to take up space the problem will still remain the same.

Zambians are one of the Book smart people in Africa but suffer from the unknown ( scared to try) sometimes we become to comfortable to try our potential, reason why Even Dec would leave their offices to investigate a 10 year old  Lamborghini with 120 mileage because we are cared of money, certain names and things scare us from far without understanding the value.

We have alot of young men and women with merits who are fit to be great leaders today and in future because they understand the depth of their people but they are scared to start the journey because someone will tell them, you are not a politician, you can’t be a politician forgetting those people that parade as politicians started from the bottom, it took 10 years for some to even become mayors or area councilors.

His excellency Hakainde Hichilema right now is the only strong hold party in Zambia and he may lead till 2031, My thoughts and Questions are, have you the younger generation looked at all the opposition leaders and convinced on one who will take over and fulfill the needs of your country after 3 to 10 years?

So far the freedom you asked for, he has delivered and many more things, some will agree and some will disagree based on individual expectations but the point is if you have the potential to help your people why are you being convinced that you are and never will you be a politician? Stand up shake it off and think of 3 to 10 years from now.


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