“Am the blood sister of Hakainde Hichilema, my father is the first born, his mother is the second.”

“We have worked with HH from the time he started politics. We worked with him in 2016 and as a family not as members of the party, just helping him hoping that when he wins, he will help us too.”

“As you all know, my brother HH is very rich but he is not capable of helping us, and as a result, my husband died in 2012, am only renting a two (2) roomed house.”

“From the time my husband died, he has never visited us and my children are not in school.”

“We worked with him in 2016 and campaigned for him in Dundumwezi where a lot of our family members are.”

“HH is the kind of person who would take you to police cells for taking his chicken.”

“My brother here [on my left] worked with him for 10 years taking care of his cattle. In the process of taking care of the cattle, he lost two (2) of Hakainde’s cows and was jailed for five (5) years, then he took away his 49 cattle and grabbed his farm.”

“You can never eat anything from HH.”

“We are here and ready to work for president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”


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