Hakainde is like Biblical Saul who was removed after being besieged by evil – Nawakwi


Hakainde is like Biblical Saul who was removed after being besieged by evil – Nawakwi

Edith Nawakwi says she warned Hakainde Hichilema and ‘his criminal” elements that the Pheluna issue was going to be a festering boil in their faces.

UPND members Rachel Chileshe said she was aware of the plot involving President Hakainde Hichilema working with Ackson Sejani, Southern Province minister Cornelius Mweetwa, Solicitor General Marshal Muchende and the wife to chief Mukuni in the abduction of the Hatembo’s as they feared disclosure of how the then opposition leader acquired some properties, which Nawakwi was investigating.

Chileshe said she and her husband and a journalist actually travelled to Macha after the whole scheme had been hatched and managed to parade the Hatembos before the cameras, but wondered why the matter was being blamed on Nawakwi, charging that a man who wears jackets as a Church elder should not be peddling such deceit and behaving in such manner.

Commenting on Chileshe’s assertions, Nawakwi demanded that police had the option of immediately taking the matter to court so that she can quickly expose Hichilema or drop the charges against her and pursue the real “criminals” who have been awarded hefty compensations when they were the ones behind the criminal act of abduction.

“I did warn Hakainde and his criminal elements in UPND that the story of Pheruna is something that was a festering boil in their face. I always told them that you don’t want to know what your bosses know,” Nawakwi said. “They kept Pheluna and Hatembo when her child Nasilele was dying for political expedience. I was the only one available to look after Nasilele … Hakainde knew he was keeping Pheluna.”

Nawakwi said while Pheluna went back to nothing after the abduction, everybody else that was involved in the whole scheme got compensated.

“That’s how…. http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hakainde-is-like-biblical-saul-who-was-removed-after-being-besieged-by-evil-nawakwi/


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