Hakainde’s ‘inept’ govt leaving office in 2026, even before that – UKA


Hakainde’s ‘inept’ govt leaving office in 2026, even before that – UKA

United Kwacha Alliance ( UKA) communication chairperson Jackson Silavwe says Zambians have already decided to vote out President Hakainde Hichilema in the 2026 elections.

Silavwe said this following the police cancellation of their planned rally which was to be held in Kafue.

On April 2, 2024, UKA applied to have a public rally at Matanda Zambia Compound in Kafue on April 13, 2024 between 10: 00 hours and 18: 00 hours… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hakaindes-inept-govt-leaving-office-in-2026-even-before-that-uka/


  1. UKWA is not registered anywhere. Take responsibility and do the necessary registration of association or political party. As long as you remain unregistered with unknown office bearers, with no constitution to guide yowa behaviour, you are considered a lawless mob.

  2. Silavwe, I wish you could find something useful to do. HH and UPND will be in office beyond 2031. No matter how much you hate HH , he is on the right trajectory and Zambia will prosper. Unfortunately, you are not inspiring as a young politician and you are very boring. Your politics is not effective! Go back to school

  3. That would be like Christmas coming early.

    We just pray that whoever takes over in 2026 will have the interest of Zambians at heart. We have suffered too much at the hands of conmen who are too willing to please their foreign LGBT masters.

    Enough is enough.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  4. You are suffering because you can’t steal anymore. Go and work !!!!
    In2026 and beyond, it’s UPND. Thieves will never come back.

  5. UKWA is a recipe for confusion. I just wonder how Ms. Nawakwi and Ms. Imboela would feature in the same cabinet. Their sarcasm is enough to render UKWA disfuctional.

    UKWA is like a statue made of clay and iron. An UKWA government would be a Tower of Babel from inception.

  6. These wolves masquerading as a ” saviour” party “UKA” should be rebuffed by the populace, because there is nothing they have to offer than enriching themselves. They were looting GOVT coffers and laterally handed over over a decaying GOVT to UPND for possible resuscitation! Now they are accusing and blaming the incumbent of failing to run this country! What a shame! UPND has been in power for only 2years+ and now they are expecting miracles and enticing the people to ridicule the current GOVT. How preposterous! Don’t be deceived , these people don’t mean well! They just want to plunder more and more because they know all the loopholes they siphoned money from! Have you surely forgotten the kind of wealth they amassed and how their girlfriend’s were used to hide money in sacks, in their houses? How the cadres were behaving on media , showing off Starks of money, expensive mansions and cars? How the cadres controlled the stations and how the police were reduced to watchmen? People , especially civil servants couldn’t say anything and worked and lived in fear! The threats of dismissal if found wanting?’Is this the kind of leadership you surely want to embrace once again? If stupidity had to be measured then we would qualify as second to none! These people should retire to their farms because now all what they want is to protect their ill-gotten wealth! Just look at their life-styles! They never inherited anything, they never won a lottery and their salaries were civil servant “mediocre salaries!” So how on earth did they become rich? Do we deserve such leaders to take care of our well being knowing that our hard earned taxpayers money is being abused? Don’t entertain these people ever again! let them go to their farms because they have outlived their usefulness. Don’t be deceived again!


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