Hands Off Edgar Lungu, We Forsee Heavy Political Malice Coming Against Someone Who Did Not Commit Any Crime-  UMODZI KUM’MAWA


For immediate release


As KUM’MAWA DEVELOPMENT COALITION (KDC) also known as UMODZI KUM’MAWA, we would like to strongly emphasize that there is absolutely nothing illegal or criminal about President Edgar Lungu’s recent statement in which he mentioned that Zambians may rise against the UPND Government before 2026 if the police continue to beat up, harass and tear gas innocent people anyhow.

As KDC, we have watched the video interview featuring the former head of state and we clearly concluded that, he was merely reminding and warning the police to conduct themselves in a professional and civil manner when dealing with Zambians because our citizens who are already enduring great suffering may easily rise up against the government if not well handled by law enforcement agencies. To us, this is a political statement made in good faith and with good heart from someone who is an experienced statesman.

However, we are saddened to see multiple statements coming from Zambia police, government institutions, ruling party cadres, state sponsored media platforms and UPND leaders calling for the arrest, prosecution and imprisonment of president Lungu on account that his statement borders on either coup attempts or treason. Unfortunately, the public broadcaster, ZNBC TV was not speared in spreading what we now believe is political witch hunt, malice and persecution against the former president. We think this is really sad for many well meaning Zambians.

As a pressure group, we want to put it on record and reiterate in the strongest terms possible that we do not welcome nor support any form of possible political harassment or persecution against the former President on account on his objective advise to the police and the government. As a movement that advocates to defend and advance the rights and interests of Easterners, KDC will take such political actions threat to rule of law, democracy, peaceful coexistence and national unity especially that those calling for the blood of president Lungu seem to be a cohort of bitter people from the Zambezi provinces and ruling party associates.

If such political malice is being championed against innocent people, we will stand in solidarity with President Lungu because he hails from Eastern Province and will the son of Eastern soil. We hence call upon the government to reconsider any attempts to politically intimidate or harass president Lungu because many people of Eastern Province and the entire country are not willing to allow the mistreatment or harassment of our former head of state in any manner that is deemed malicious and vengeful. These actions may not only undermine the democratic principles we hold dear but also obstruct the developmental progress of this great country we now call a Christian Nation.

We want to take this opportunity to also urge the Inspector General of Police to remind his officers to act above board and outside political partisanship. By this, we mean that they do not need political influence for them to act on anything or investigate anyone including Dr Edgar Lungu. If any politician committed a crime, let the police make their findings devoid of heavy political hands as seen in the several statements issued by those politically inclined on Wednesday on different media platforms.

Umodzi Kum’mawa Development Coalition (KDC) aims to strategically advance development programs for the people of Eastern Province in the broader context for the modernization and development of Zambia by advocating and defending for their interests and rights in all sectors. The coalition recognizes that the region has abundant natural resources and the local people must always be engaged and prioritized to discover and actualize their full developmental potential just like other Zambians elsewhere.


Chanoda Ngwira


  1. Ungaseke ati “Umodzi Kumawa” by Chanoda Ngwira originating from Malawi and settled in Chasefu area. Sir, tell your Edgar Lungu to behave like a former head of state bwana. Otherwise your EDGAR LUNGU will completely puncture himself leaving you alone in tear. Be reminded that you will lose Chasefu Constituency again.

    • Ba Kaoma, it is not about supporting your kith and kin. It is about law and order. If my relative steals I will not support him, if anything I will be the first one to report him to the Law Enforcement Agencies even if it is my son or daughter.

      You can go ahead and support Mr. Lungu blindly that is your personal choice but do not urge others to join you in such an immoral undertaking. Definitely I do not subscribe to such thinking.

      Mr. Lungu thinks he is above the law. It is high time he was treated like any other citizen. Equity before the law. If he is let off, next he will shoot somebody in cold blood and ba Kaoma will be there to support his heinous act.

  2. You don’t provoke a vicious dog, then tell it not to bite you. ECL should take responsibility for his paponya behaviour. The man does not have an ounce of the dignity that a former head of state should have. Those criminals urging him to return to power so that their criminal cases disappear will be even more disappointed when his immunity is removed.

  3. The so called tribal grouping masquerading itself to promote local development in Eastern
    province is fake as its agenda is based on tribal politics. The utterances made by Kum’mwa a tribal association are retrogressive and hooliganism aimed at defending criminal utterances made by former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

    If Edgar Chagwa Lungu is brought before the Courts of Law because of his bitterness and careless talk he made recently, there is nothing the tribal association will do to defend a law breaker. Former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu is abusing his freedom of speech and association. He is bringing shame to the office of the former sixth republican president.

    He cannot do any damage control now to cover-up his past misdeeds and misrule. What advice do you expect to come from dictator and tyrant who ruled Zambia by oppressive means and suppressed people’s freedoms and liberties especially for members from the opposition political parties.

  4. Mr Chanoda Ngwira, what you have from inception is a political party called umodzi kummawa. We questioned the formation of this organisation and you cried foul and insisted it was developmental. We have to date not received no invitation to this organisation.
    Do not use the organisation so formed for your own interests. You are a PF cader from time in memorial so don’t pretend you have a developmental age nda.
    We in our constituency have our own team of CDF projects for our constituency not knowing your constituency, how will you come to have concerns about development when you don’t belong to us. You have your own area to care for.
    This (UKDC) is nothing but a political organisation, we said it. There you are defending Lungu when he has no village in eastern province.
    ECL was President of this country and knows what treasonable issues are. If you did not know, the statements he made are treasonable and he must be responsible for that. I come from eastern province but will not support that nonsense. Lungu must be carefully watched. In KK days he would already be in Kalabo.
    Chanoda Ngwira be informed that you are staring a tribal war in the formation of that (KDC), infect ko it something else we easterners were not consulted.
    You chaps want to put this country on fire. The person you are defending doesn’t even belong to you, its just a name lungu, point at the village he comes from, just organised villages with no relative. Be careful.

  5. When people said this is a political party in the making, the idiots denied, now they are saying they are a PRESSURE GROUP. Pressure in who and why?

    Ba HH and group are too lenient and you call it methodical, the Bembas say ” uluse lwalile inkwale” they also say ” ukulu olwele ekukunyanta” both meaning being lenient can back fire on you.

    Criminals are just that, criminals and we are not short of the facilities where those idiots and everyone supporting them belong. They belong to JERE Prison. STUPID IDIOTS.

  6. When people said this is a political party in the making, the idiots denied, now they are saying they are a PRESSURE GROUP. Pressure on who and why?

    Ba HH and group are too lenient and you call it methodical, the Bembas say ” uluse lwalile inkwale” they also say ” ukulu olwele ekukunyanta” both meaning being lenient can back fire on you.

    Criminals are just that, criminals and we are not short of the facilities where those idiots and everyone supporting them belong. They belong to JERE Prison. STUPID IDIOTS.

  7. You need to be arrested this statement is misleading,who told you that ecl is not a former president for all zambians??the problem is you still don’t believe zambia can be ruled by anyone,you are bringing division and mind your tongue.

  8. Bwana Ngwira Chonada, your language is too divisive and if not controlled can lead to more harm than ever. We don’t have the so called Zambezi Provinces and if we do then take your Kumawa and we all know you have been like that from KK’s time with your moto Wako ni Wako that is why we saw and see misbehaviors of some foolish with selfish motives misbehave.
    When ECL was leading this nation he was ruthless and was too much of Regionalism.
    He must not speak louder than ever now. This is not his country alone but its foe all Zambians even the ones you are calling Zambezi Provinces. Uku ekutumpa dear. Amano tamuli mulifye ubushilu.
    PF are suffering from Cryptococco Meningitis and they will be healed in 2026 through the ballot.

  9. @Douglas Samukolo, you are right. The problem with these people is their foolish belief that nobody from the so called Zambezi provinces should be president of Zambia. We saw how these people gave LPM (MHSRIEP) hell. Is it true that one of the Umodzi Kum’mawa officials is a Malawian? OP and Immigration Department please swing into action.

  10. Only Vizende will support their fellow Chizende!
    If only you could use that energy to gather Alangizi to counsel mukulu wanu Chizende to stop diminishing the dignity of the Office of the Sixth Republican Presidency! It’s not about ECL! It’s about the office he represents!
    Otherwise if we continue clapping for nonsense, the rest of the global village will confirm that we are really worse than Mbeba!
    We as Easterners had RB who conducted himself above board!
    We should feel ashamed to want to be identified by the bad behavior of one emotionally unstable Nkote!
    The Long Arm of the Law does not need to get permission from a Umodzi Kumawa to bring Law and order within our borders!
    If you really love ECL, you will advise him correctly but it’s clear you don’t have his best interests at heart and you will deceive him the same way you deceived him before he suddenly realized he had lost power!
    Advise the man to rest!
    Put Country First!

  11. So the pipo saying this organization was non partisan, just formed to bring development to eastern province, non political etc etc were just lying. Now we see names of PF cadres associated with this thing busy defending Lungu instead of talking about what they are going to do for the province. Law enforcement and registrar of societies should look into the activities of this organization.


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