Hard Truth By EF President Wynter Kabimba


I find it touchy and encouraging to see that we have among the opposition, leaders who will not sway from telling fellow opposition players and leaders the truth.

Wynter Kabimba the Economic Front President while on the program dubbed let the people talk hosted by Chimweka did not miss his words when he said it is not possible for anyone in civil or public office to get rich over night just after being given the opportunity to serve the people. Yes, civil and public service is about service to the people.

He went further to question as to why those being asked by Anti Corruption Commission to show proof of how they acquired some of their assets are finding it difficult to do so to the extent of even rounding up about five lawyers or so for assets they acquired themselves.

It is indeed fishy and does not make sense for one to fail to qualify how one financed or acquired his/her own assets. It is also important to note that ACC does not question the suspects over all their assets or properties they own, but only those suspected to be proceeds of crime while in the service.

I have argued several times than once that, why should it be problematic to just give information on how one acquired an asset! Surely does one need a horde of lawyers who were not part of the acquisition process to produce evidence for you? The simple answer is that these properties were acquired dubiously, period.

It is for this reason that we as a nation should call for enactment of a law that should compel everybody in public office to declare their assets at the time of entry into that office, and then yearly, and finally at the time of exit. This will scare people in public office from being careless with people’s resources. We should not only raise a flag over declaration for the President as it is.

That will also make the work of ACC ease as they can be trailing these happenings yearly if they see something suspicious, than waiting most times when the officer has exited. This will also end the language of political witch hunt that is now very much loud on the mouths of those questioned.

Wisdom Muyunda


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