HARDEN THE ACC LAWS: Looters must not only lose their loot but face jail term- Emmanuel Chilekwa


■ Make corruption unbailable
■ Looters must not only lose their loot but face jail term

Emmanuel Chilekwa
28 June 2023

The laws against corruption and looting are too weak and costing the nation progress and encouraging more and more looting.

There’s so much high level criminology by those in positions of power, influence and close associates to those in corridors of power – past and present.

Public services are affected because those in power are abetting criminology. It’s affecting our public indebtedness as a country. This will affect even our children’s children. Looters must be treated as criminals.

It appears those with big names should not be checked by the laws. Nonsense. Nobody is above the law. Those who wield power, who were in power, close to power must be ready and willing to face the law if found wanting.

But the ACC must stop this nonsense of just recovering the loot and let suspects go Scott free. This is bad practice. Change such laws, please. Amend the ACC Act immediately.

It is nauseating to see how folks – young and old, are amassing unexplained wealth. Please cage them and remove them from society to prison as soon as possible.

May be we need Fast track courts just for corruption and economic crimes. If RTSA has such a process, why not do the same regarding corruption, looters and thieves?

It’s now normal and usual for a cleaner to keep millions of Kwacha and there are no consequence. What kind of laws do we have? So only the poor pick pocket thieves are culprits of the laws? No please. Change and toughen the laws.

No looter, corrupt fellow should cry blue murder. Those who have taken advantage of our weak laws must be put behind prison walls.

This nonsense we are hearing that the ACC are just retrieving assets suspected to be proceeds of crime but still let the culprits go Scott free is nonsensical. Thieves must lose both their stolen assets and also their freedoms.

The current anti corruption laws encourage looters to continue looting after all “some will just be recovered and the suspect will continue life like before.”

There’s no way big thieves should continue enjoying their freedoms like before. If this is the case, then when petty thieves are caught and they admit to stealing and surrender their loot, no need for the Courts. Let’s close the courts.

What is going on is unacceptable. We can’t continue abetting crime using soft laws.


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