Harry Kalaba’s Democratic Party (DP) has written the Electoral Commission of Zambia over President Edgar Lungu’s abrogation of the Electoral directive, saying the commission must disqualify or censure him.

In a letter stated July 11, 2021 and made available, DP secretary general Precious Ntumbu called the commission’s attentions to “the double standards” she said they were exhibiting in discharging the Electoral regulations.

“The Executive Director Electoral Commission of Zambia Lusaka
Att. Mr Nshindano,Re: Abrogation of Electoral Directive by PF Presidential Candidate Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We write to express concern over the double standards that have been practiced by the ECZ as the arbiter of the electoral process in Zambia,” the letter read in part.

The DP argued that while they had adhered to the directive and “in situations where we have found ourselves being swamped by ardent followers and members, we have opted to abandon the door to door campaign to avoid being in breach of your directives and avoid any possible suspension from campaigning.”

They stated that it was against this background, that while being fully aware of the actions of President Lungu’s breach of the said directive when he visited Mtendere and Bauleni, the commission has elected to remain mute.

DP state that it was in this regard that they were lodging a complaint, in line with Rule 12 of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

“We wish to remind the Commission that pursuant to Section 110 of the Electoral Process Act No. 35 of 2016 as read together with Rule 3 and 11 of the Electoral Code of Conduct, in enforcing the Code of Conduct, the Commission has power to disqualify or censure a Political Party or Candidate in breach of the Code and President Lungu, as a Presidential Candidate, is no exception,” DP stated. “We advise that in line with the electoral code of conduct, all parties are to be accorded equal opportunity to campaign without any bias or discrimination. In this case sir, unless measures are taken by the Commission to either disqualify or censure the Patriotic Front as a party or its presidential candidate, we shall take it that you have relaxed the requirement for political parties to adhere to your guidelines. Consequently, we shall
resume our normal campaigns.”

DP stated that they hoped ECZ would be magnanimous enough to address the nation and all the parties that the playing filed has been leveled and that “we should continue to campaign without any hindrance or threat from yourselves or indeed the Zambia police.”


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