Harry Kangwa on Swindlers

How I Lost K500,000 in 2009

I am one of those people who was once swindled in a very cruel manner with the fake business of black dollar.

Somewhere in the year 2009 in November, a distant friend came knocking on my gate for 3 consecutive days trying to convince me how his aunt who purportedly worked for the certain NGO could arrange real dollars for fake black dollars.

Anyway that evil guy who as I am talking to you is still suffering from poverty atleast me for God so loved me, He helped me pick up my pieces and moved on,and I am doing fine again.

He managed to convince me AND foolish me I agreed to go into that evil fake black dollar business and that was the begining of my downfall.

The guys were so smart that they managed play smart on me the real kopala guy and I give them respect for that, to swindle me almost K500 pin by then was alot of money.

If I was fainthearted by now I would have been dead by suicide my brother, loosing properties I worked for in a blink of an eye which included a 20 tonne fuso truck I had just acquired in less than a year made me almost lose hope of life.

But I gathered courage and asked myself a very simple question that,did I come with eathly riches on earth? or I came with nothing not even clothes then I said to myself that,no let me move on and by God’s grace am back again on my feet meeting the same on the streets and I have forgiven them but not forgotten what they did to me, and am around and kicking and them they are still in the same business looking for who to swindle, am glad that what you have shared will save someone’s life who might be passing through the same thing like what happened to me some 11 years ago.


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