The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says hate messages being propagated by some members of society on social media have the potential to dampen the gains Zambia has made in maintaining peace.

CCZ General Secretary Emmanuel Chikoya says Zambia’s reputation as a peaceful nation can only be sustained if young people understand the values that have led to Zambians coexisting for many years.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, Father Chikoya also called on the clergy to take the lead in promoting unity in the country.

He said social media may give the impression that the country is on fire, when that is not an accurate picture.

Father Chikoya urged the church to deliberately preach unity and peace to its congregants, which will in turn impact society positively.

He said the importance of coexistence should remain a constant message that should be inculcated on society.

The clergyman says there is need for the younger generations to be taught of the liberation struggle and sacrifices that have led to the peace and unity that the country has enjoyed since independence.

Father Chikoya said the commemorations of Zambia at 60, under the theme: “60 years strong: Honouring our heritage, embracing the future,” which was launched in March is positive but risks not fully achieving its objectives, if society is not aggressively reminded of values of peace and unity..


  1. I think this country has gone to the dogs. Even churches are now divisive. When Imenda said hate speech to Archbishop Banda you were quite, when Southerners said to Munir Zulu that their Southern province is no go area for him , you were quite , now that Munir Zulu has said Eastern province in no go area for Southerners , you now talk. It’s too late the country is very hot and very divided now. The smaller tribe will the pitch! All because Hichilema has been igniting the fire behind closed doors. He doesn’t tell his people to stop hate speech, and his appointments are very tribal. This is why his government cannot succeed because of tribalism. It’s over there’s nothing that is going stop divisions. Divisions are now deep rooted.

  2. Munir Zulu has been acting like a rabid canine. It’s as if he compensates his small stature with a big loud careless mouth. I wonder if people of Lumezi don’t have an alternative. This midget does not represent anyone but himself.
    ECL has found him and his friend JJ Banda very powerful propaganda tools to drive civil disobedience. That warning he gave of being a serpent and not to be under-estimated was very dangerous and Musamba would do well to seriously interrogate him. The fake abduction by JJ Banda surely points to ECL because that rogue boy worships him….look at the several pictures they took together with ka Munir and Binwell Mpundu. The latter is being used to poison Copperbelt whilst the other two boys are destroying Lusaka and Eastern province.
    So Musamba will do well to probe ka Munir on the master plan mooted by ECL to force early polls by bringing civil disobedience.


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